Led Light Box

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  • Ultra Bright LED Light Panels

    Provoke and stimulate learning by offering children a new perspective on anything that may be of interest to them. The soft glow from the light box transforms objects and can stimulate a sense of beauty and wonder. • Safe, lightweight and portable• Supplied with a 12V mains adaptor and…

  • LED Light Box & Optical Set

    …shaped prisms and lenses, the splitting of light into the rainbow colours, how internal reflection is used in fibre optic cables and the appropriate lenses to use to correct long and short sightedness. Age: 8 years+.Contains:• 3-beam ray box• Lenses • Prisms• Teachers' notes…

  • Sensory In A Box Kit

    …90mm• 1 x fluorescent fabric green• 1 x fluorescent fabric orange• 1 x set of UV linelite tubing• 3 x LED multi-spinners• 3 x prismatic projector lights• 1 x fluorescent mirror chimeabout• 1 x kiddie ball• 1 x waterfall tube• 3 x space blankets• 2 x…

  • Fibre Optic In A Box Kit

    …x 1m harness and lightsource• 1 x dark den• 3 x space blankets• 2 x dynamo torches• 3 x rainbow flashing balls• 2 x LED light spinners• 2 x koosh balls• ABC touch n feel cards• 1 x set of 4 spine balls• 1 x matching sound cubes• 1 x talking ID•…

  • Sensory In A Flightcase

    …Vibrating pillow • Bobo massager• Hand massagers - set of 3• Aroma dough tub - set of 6• Fruit scented bubbles - set of 6• Aroma balls (55mm) - set of 4• Cosy bee• Space projector • Mini LED light source and 1 metre 100 tail strand• Mirror ball and stand

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