Left And Right Handed Scissors

  • Consortium Scissors

    …steel bladed scissors with colour coded plastic handles• 130mm/60mm blade• 50mm rule marking on blade• Right-handed: red handles• Left-handed: green/yellow handles• Available in packs of 12 and 96• Pack of 96 contains 84 right-handed and 12 left-handed scissors

  • Long Loop Training Scissors

    Easy grip scissors, lightweight with a continuous loop plastic handle.• Operated by squeezing gently using thumb and fingers or fingers and palm of the hand • Automatically reopens when the pressure is released• Available as right or left-handed• Sold singly

  • Wooden Rack and Scissors

    …rack.• Hardwood rack to take 32 pairs of scissors• 130mm long/60mm blade• 50mm rule marking on the blade• Right-handed: red handles• Left-handed: green/yellow handles• Rack available separately or as a pack that includes 28 right-handed and 4 left-handed scissors

  • Go Green Recycled Scissors

    Go Green school scissors created using recycled material content.• Ideal classroom scissors with blunt tips • Stainless steel blades• Ambidextrous scissors have right-handed sets of blades• Left hand scissors have left-handed sets of blades• Sold singly* PLEASE NOTE: Not…

  • Long Loop Scissors

    Designed so the strength of the whole hand can be used for the cutting action, the loop gives the child superb comfort and excellent control over the cutting action. Age: 5 years+.• Available as right and left-handed items• Sold singly

  • Spring Assisted Scissors

    Spring open scissors to help young hands.• Handle shaped for both right and left-handed users• Available as a set comprising of a wooden storage block and 32 scissors• Sold as a set

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