Light Box Resources

  • Sakkaro

    An amazing geometry resource which will light up a child’s creativity! 15 translucent coloured pieces magically blend together when stacked, nested or interlocked. Great for use on a light table. Discover an endless variety of colourful shapes and patterns. Complete with ideas booklet which…

  • Fibre Optic In A Box Kit

    …key sensory product, Fibre Optics. The kit not only promotes visual stimulation but also tactile, auditory, massage and olfactory. All these resources pack away neatly into the flight and sensory case provided, ideal for Occupational Therapists or use in a home setting.Contents:• 1 x case•…

  • Easy Hold Colour Panels

    …inside hardwood frames with easy grip handles. Looking through them children will see the world in different colours, or they can use more than one to create new colours. Ideal resource for light boxes and panels. Age: 12 months+.• Size: 185mm x 120mm (acrylic 80mm diameter)• Set of 3

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