Liquid Chalk

  • Pentel Wet Erase Liquid Chalk Markers

    Assorted set of 7 semi-permanent, pigment-based wet erase markers. Value-activated flow with no blobbing or leaking makes this ideal for slate chalkboards and non porous surfaces. Simply remove with a damp cloth or non bleach based cleaner.• Chisel tip size 4mm to 2mm• 1 x each of Red,…

  • edding® Chalk Marker Pens

    …used on non-porous surfaces such as blackboards, windows, mirrors and glass• Wipe off with a damp cloth• The round nib has a width of 2-3mm• Pack of 4 assorted pens• Includes one of each - black, red, blue and green• The opaque, water-based liquid chalk has a neutral smell.

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