• EasySense Vu Data Logger

    This robust, portable, remote data logger with a large LCD display, has 3 built-in sensors for sound, light and temperature as well as 2 plug-in sensor sockets. Capturing data from an experiment has never been easier; simply start ‘EasyLog’ recording and data from all of the sensors is recorded…

  • Data Logger

    …lights around the outside, enabling children to easily see whether the logger is in Bluetooth mode (blue lights) or actively logging (red) or in standby mode (green). Rechargeable device via USB, the data logger is supplied with one external temperature probe. Available from April…

  • Panda Data Logger

    The Panda data logger is a wise, simple, fun, intuitive and user friendly plug and play datalogger. Its all-in-one battery operated sensor module has a colour display, touch screen and USB PC connection. Students can use the fully autonomous logger sensor module to collect data anywhere and allows…

  • Log-Box Data Logger

    Easy-to-use data logging equipment featuring a built in temperature, light and sound sensor. All the sensors are clearly labelled to avoid confusion - just log in and go! Recordings are easy to view and read with our software (included), allowing students to choose how data is displayed in graph,…

  • Bluetooth Data Logger

    This data logging device is compatible with tablets and features five sensors for your scientific enquiries.• Broadcast readings to multiple tablets• View readings live or download information at a later date• Configurable display and easy to view recordings• Pack…

  • Light Sensor

    This external sensor allows you to measure light in a confined space or away from the Log-Box. Compare and contrast light from two alternative sources using this together with the built-in light sensor inside Log-Box.• Sold singly

  • Pulse Sensor

    This sensor allows you to measure heart rate during exercise, datalogging with the Log-Box. With a range from 40 to 200 bpm.• Sold singly

  • Temperature Probe

    This external temperature probe enables you to carry out compare and contrast investigations. Use with your Log-Box to do experiments using two temperature probes at once.• Sold singly

  • Easy VU+ Data Logger Class Cart

    A great value Class Cart that comes packed with Data Harvest Vu data loggers, bluetooth, sensors and more! By purchasing this pack you are making a saving of 15% compared to buying individually. The Vu data logger is a low-cost primary data logging solution that can be used in conjunction with the…

  • VU + Data Loggers Pack of 5

    Buy 5 EasySense Vu Data Loggers and save 25%.Contains:• 5 x Vu data loggers• 5 x temperature sensors• 5 x lanyards• 5 x USB cables• 5 x eBooks containing activities• 5 x EasySense software• 5 x storage boxes• FREE lifetime product support• Includes Bluetooth

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