• Learn about Nature Tree Log

    To enhance any lesson about nature, the environment, adaptation or lifecycles, this unique woodland print multi-seater log is a quirky addition to a classroom display area or lesson theme. This unique design can sit multiple children and can be used indoors and out.• Size: 1000mm(w) x 400mm(d)…

  • Learn About Nature Bundle BIG DEAL

    …up a book or take outside for fun outdoor learning. Inspire learning on lifecycles and seasonal change, then get closer to real nature outside. Age: 3 years+. Set includes:• x1 Bark print mat: 1280mm(w) x 1280mm(l) • x2 Foam logs: 400mm(w) x 1000mm(l) 250mm(h)• To be stored indoors

  • Bugs Life

    Bringing nature and play together for a creepy-crawly adventure. The Bug’s Life features a natural timber unit with rustic untreated logs, built to attract spiders, bugs and other creepy-crawlies. Children have an ideal opportunity to learn, study and observe all sorts of nature. Age: 2…

  • Log Carry Cushions

    Engage children in scientific topics using this pack of 6 Foam Log Carry Cushions. Designed as an engaging teaching resource and comfortable mobile seating option all in one, it’s easy to take learning with you using this handy set of carry cushions. Use as an inspirational learning aid for…

  • Reading Record Book - KS1

    Key Stage 1 reading record book with space for a daily/weekly log, comments and drawings across two pages.• 36 pages, A5 size• Space to list authors and titles of favourite books, room to draw• Pack of 30

  • Forest Playground Set

    …develop gross motor skills. Age: 2 years+.Set contains:• Step-a-Leaves: 6 x brightly coloured leaves• Step-a-Stumps: 6 x tree stumps (2 x small, 2 x medium and 2 x large)• Step-a-Trails: 2 x Y logs and 8 x straight logs• Made from durable plastic with soft, non-skid markings

  • Non Log Pulse Meter

    Easy to use, simply insert your finger and monitor pulse rate and oxygen levels on the screen. With accurate results, it enables children to observe how readings will change dependent on exercise. Requires 2 x AAA batteries.

  • Big Deal: Forest Playground

    …and Step-a-Stumps together and save 20%• Set consists of Step-a-Leaves, Stap-a-Trails and Step-a-Stumps• Step-a-Trails: 2 x Y logs and 8 x straight logs• Step-a-Stumps: 6 x tree stumps (2 x small, 2 x medium and 2 x large)• Step-a-Leaves: 6 x brightly coloured leaves• Made from durable…

  • Lumberjack Logs

    Made to look like pieces of real tree, these foam lumberjack logs can be used indoors or out to make lots of interesting designs. Build your own log cabin or create a bridge to hop over. Set includes 15 logs and 15 discs. Wipe clean.• Suitable for age 3 years and up• Made from foam• Pack of 30

  • Step A Logs

    …these logs can support the weight of an adult. Age: 3 years+.Contains:• 4 stepping logs and 2 start/finish logs with incline/decline • Stepping logs size: 140mm(w) x 530mm(l) x 100mm(h)• Start/finish logs size: 140mm(w) x 530mm(l) x 60-100mm(h) • Rope length between logs:

  • Stepping Stones & Step A Logs

    …extremely strong and are supplied already connected together. Logs and stumps sold separately. Stumps contain: Size: 300mm diameter x 125mm(h)• Rope between stones 350mm• Set of 6 stumpsLogs contain: • Stepping logs size: 140mm(w) x 530mm(l) x 100mm(h)• Rope length between logs: 340mm• Set of 6 logs

  • Temperature Record Book

    In commercial kitchens each fridge, freezer or cold cabinet should have its own temperature log/record book. This log book contains six months supply of easy to use record sheets.• Record temperature, time and responsible persons' initials• Easy clean cover• Sold singly

  • Log-Box Data Logger

    Easy-to-use data logging equipment featuring a built in temperature, light and sound sensor. All the sensors are clearly labelled to avoid confusion - just log in and go! Recordings are easy to view and read with our software (included), allowing students to choose how data is displayed in graph,…

  • Log-Box Activities Book

    An excellent reference resource filled with over 25 ready-to-go ideas for using your Log-Box in the context of the school setting. Complete with a comprehensive overview of all cross-curricular links.• Paperback• Suitable for 5-11 year olds

  • Pulse Sensor

    This sensor allows you to measure heart rate during exercise, datalogging with the Log-Box. With a range from 40 to 200 bpm.• Sold singly

  • Temperature Probe

    This external temperature probe enables you to carry out compare and contrast investigations. Use with your Log-Box to do experiments using two temperature probes at once.• Sold singly

  • Light Sensor

    This external sensor allows you to measure light in a confined space or away from the Log-Box. Compare and contrast light from two alternative sources using this together with the built-in light sensor inside Log-Box.• Sold singly

  • Wacky Outdoor Balance Frame

    The irregular logs replicating fallen trees connected with tactile tensioned ropes create an open ended climbing frame.The unit offers varying degrees of challenge as well as endless role play and creative opportunities.The unit requires 6.1m by 5.9m free space on relatively flat grassed area.•…

  • Jungle Swing Fixed Agility Climbing Trail

    …no added extras.Product Content:• 1 x Inclined Balance Weaver• 1 x Drop Rope Traverse• 1 x Parallel Rope Walk• 1 x Burmah Bridge• 1 x Crossed Rope Walk• 1 x Log Traverse• 1 x Balance Beam• 2 x Log Steps• 1880cm(l) x 140cm(w)• Age Range - 7-11 Years

  • Playground Agility Climbing Trail

    …is fully inclusive of delivery and installation, no added extras.Product Content:• Balance Beam• Log Traverse• Crossed Rope Walk• Drop Rope Traverse• Parallel Rope Walk• Jigsaw Traverse Wall• Rope Weaver Crossing• 6 x Step Logs• 1870cm(l) x 70cm(w) • Age Range - 7-11 Years

  • Outdoor Adventure Agility Trail

    The combination of extended posts and undulating step log heights offers a more complex challenge to younger children.Part of the exclusive trim trail range, the Agility Trail is more challenging.It also asks more of the children as they must take decisions about alternative routes and types of…

  • Reflex Health Trek Fitness Trail

    …of challenges, this trail is ideal to offer both as a play installation for great fun, and as a challenging agility builder for your pupils.Product Content: • Scramble net log climber• 6 Leap frogs• Pathfinder traverse wall• Chicane• Tyre Twister• Tightrope crossing• 3 Low hurdles• Step ups

  • Observation Station

    …observation and science equipment, encouraging children in self-led investigations. Features a chalk board and dry wipe area, so that children can log their observations. There is also a ruler across the bottom for measuring their findings. Features beautiful illustrations depicting common birds and…

  • Counting Ladybugs and Number Cards

    …include counting forwards and backwards on leaf number lines and around the petals of a flower, and finding suitable ladybug homes in the forest and log pile. Made from durable plastic the cards are tough enough for use in the outdoor area. Age: 3 years+.• Ladybug Stones set includes 2 each of…

  • Bluetooth Data Logger

    This data logging device is compatible with tablets and features five sensors for your scientific enquiries.• Broadcast readings to multiple tablets• View readings live or download information at a later date• Configurable display and easy to view recordings• Pack…

  • Easy VU+ Data Logger Class Cart

    …and more! By purchasing this pack you are making a saving of 15% compared to buying individually. The Vu data logger is a low-cost primary data logging solution that can be used in conjunction with the timing ramp set to investigate timing and the effect of friction.Contains:• 5 x Vu data loggers•…

  • EasySense Vu Data Logger

    …via the USB to collect the results. New model also features Bluetooth. With an easy to use menu and just four buttons, the Easy Vu makes data logging easy and ideal for use both in the classroom and fieldwork. • Features Bluetooth• Large graphical LCD display• Built-in temperature,…

  • Phonics Readers Pack

    …and supports the Government's focus on synthetic phonics learning. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 10 includes: Big Pig on a Dig, Fox on a Box, Frog on a Log, Fat Cat on a Mat, Hen's Pens, Ted in a Red Bed, Mouse Moves House, Toad Makes a Road, Sam Sheep Can't Sleep and Shark in the Park• 16 pages plus…

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