Magnetic Fraction Bar

  • Magnetic Builder Pieces

    …concepts of equivalency with these colour-coded magnetic pieces. Students can combine the pieces to create a whole, mix and match pieces to compare parts of a whole, equivalent values, compare fractions, decimals and percentages in bar and circle form. The 4mm thick foam pieces are lightweight…

  • White Rose Maths Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

    fractions so that their class is more confident too.• 1 X Foam Fraction Action (123pcs)• 1 X Foam Magnetic Fraction Action Bar (123pcs)• 1 X Foam Decimal Action (122pcs)• 1 X Foam Decimal Action Bar (122pcs)• 1 X Foam Percentage Action (122pcs)• 1 X Foam Magnetic

  • Maths Equivalence Class Pack

    …and practical resources to teach and reinforce fractions, decimals, percentages and pictorial representations.Kit contains: •39 x Equivalence bars•39 x Double Sided Fraction/Decimal Magnets•25 x Equivalence Bones•40 x Fraction and Decimal Counting Cards•1 x Teacher…

  • BrainBox Maths

    …card is kept, if not it is returned to the box. The player with most cards after 5 or 10 minutes wins! Age: 7 years+.• 55 cards including all the maths concepts taught in years 3 and 4 from bar charts and venn diagrams to fractions and percentages• Packed in a sturdy cool magnetic cube box

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