Magnetic Numbers

  • Plastic Magnetic Numbers

    Tub containing high quality plastic numbers and maths symbols in assorted colours.• Supplied in a storage tub• Number size: approximately 35mm• Set of 286 pieces

  • Magnetic Base Ten Demonstration Set

    Model essential number concepts on the whiteboard so the whole class can see. Set features real-life photography to help students better visualise the 3-D representation of maths concepts.

  • Double sided early years magnets

    Excellent for learning how to read and write numbers 1-20 in numerals and words. There is a pictorial representation on the back, just turn the magnet over to check the answer is correct, or simply match the numbers to the pictorial representation. • Pack of 40• 100mm(w) x 100mm(h)

  • Show-me® Magnetic Board Group Pack

    …superb 610 piece pack consists of:• 10 x A4 magnetic drywipe boards• 1 x A3 magnetic drywipe board, ideal for teachers• 12 x Slim dry wipe markers• 12 x Mini magnetic erasers• 1 x Tub of 286 lowercase magnetic letters• 1 x Tub of 286 magnetic numbers and maths symbols• All presented in a…

  • Numicon Firm Foundations Starter Apparatus Pack

    …• 3 x Magnetic Strips • 1 x Feely Bag • 1 x Display Number Line • 80 x Numicon Shapes • 1 x Number Bond Baseboard Overlay• 1 x Picture Baseboard Overlays 1 x Spinners • 1 x Large Set Number Rods • 1 x Large Format Table Top Number Line • 1 x 0-41 Number Rod Number Line • 1 x Number Rod Trays…

  • Foam Magnetic Numbers

    Foam magnetic numbers containing 12 complete sets of numbers 0 to 9 in each pack (120 numbers in total) plus Maths symbols +, -, x and =.

  • Magnetic Foam Number Rods

    These foam number rods can be used on any magnetic surface, ideal for classroom demonstrations. This set can be used to reinforce understanding of so many maths concepts

  • Magnetic Number Links to 20

    numbers easy. Simply take a magnetic Number Link and place over the specially sized number track (to 10 or 20) to provide a powerful visual and mental image when calculating. A variety of activity ideas are included on the box.Includes: •40 Magnetic 1-10 Number Links•4 x 1-10 magnetic

  • Magnetic Number links 1 - 100

    Calculating one or two digit numbers that when added together cross a 10s boundary can be a tough concept to secure. Revolutionise teaching, modelling and practice with magnetic Number Links. Represent the problem with 10s and 1s. Add all of the 10s on to the magnetic 100s square, followed by the…

  • Magnetic Foam Number Rods

    These foam number rods can be used on any magnetic surface, ideal for classroom demonstrations. Set includes 64 rods of varying lengths and colours. Can be used to reinforce understanding of so many maths concepts.• Pack of 64

  • Number Bonds Magnetic Demo

    …activities. Number bonds are ideal for practising a variety of maths concepts such as addition and subtraction, inverse operations and number relationships.Set includes:• 55 magnets- three demonstration circles, three demonstration squares, four connecting lines• 45 discs• Size: magnetic discs-…

  • Magnetic Giant Ladybird

    Brightly coloured giant magnetic vinyl ladybird and a set of 20 magnetic vinyl spots. Ideal front of class use in early years to aid counting from 0-20, reciting number names in order, counting sets of objects, counting forwards and backwards, adding and subtracting.

  • Magnetic Array Answer Boards

    Students can easily show their work with these magnetic array boards designed to reinforce multiplication skills. Students position the double-sided magnetic counters to show their answers. Ideal for number concepts, counting, building number sets, multiplication and operations. 5x5 array on both…

  • Magnetic Counting Ladybirds

    …teaching aid includes 16 friendly ladybirds and symbols on high quality magnetic vinyl. Each ladybird has a different amount of counting spots from 0-10. Suitable for front of class or individual work, the ladybirds will attach to any magnetic board.• Size: 54mm(l) x 64mm(h)• 16 pieces

  • Giant Magnetic Array Set

    Giant resource, perfect for demonstration purposes and interactive lessons. Ignite your children's understanding of areas such as counting, number bonds, repeated addition and multiplication. • Pack of 121

  • Number and Place Value Teaching Essentials Kit

    …Numeral Flip Stand• Magnetic Place Value Arrows• One to Hundreds Flip Stand• Foam Magnetic Numbers• Laminated Hundreds Board• Large Vinyl Number Tracks• 117 Number Flash Cards• Number Fans• Number Spinners 6pk• Magnetic Number Lines Level 1•…

  • Number Smart Purple Phase Kit

    Magnetic Numbers• Number Links to 20 (addition and subtraction) • Calculating Critters (decomposing and doubling) • Lots of Wheels (repeated addition) • Number Streets (positioning and ordering) • Counting Kingdoms (counting and combining) • Hide and Seek Bonds (number

  • Number Smart Red Phase Kit

    …Vocabulary Frieze• Magnetic Number Links to 20• Lots of Wheels• Place Value Puzzles• Lots of Socks• Number Streets to 100 • Double-Half City• Counting On Buses• Finding Fractions • Decodable Word Problems to 20 • Partitioning Banks • Guess my Number Sentence (+/-) flipbook• Number Mountains to 10…

  • Number Smart Green Phase Kit

    …• Partitioning Banks• Magnetic Number Links to 100 • Lots of Fruit• Measures Puzzles • Array Problem Matching • Money Problems • Decodable Word Problems• Number Mountains to 100 • Number Mountains Times Tables 2, 5 and 10• Write and Wipe Boards to 100 (6pk)• Guess my Number Sentence (+/-) Flipbook•…

  • Number Fishing Game

    …In turn, each player catches a number which can be used to fill the missing part of a calculation. Metal parts are made of special ferritic stainless steel, which won't rust in water or sand.• Set contains: 40 magnetic fish, 4 double-sided work cards, 4 magnetic fishing poles and an instruction…

  • Positive & Negative Number Line Activity Set

    …components for hands-on reinforcement activities. Reinforces positive and negative numbers, operations and algebraic equations. Shows -25 to 25 horizontally on one side and vertically on the reverse. Includes two magnetic arrows, two inflatable cubes and ten double sided, photocopiable Activity…

  • Year 1 And Year 2 Complete Maths Kit

    …shapes• Measuring mini beasts• Coloured number rods• Bulk value money pack• Dry wipe double sided number line boards• TTS coloured magnetic number frames• Pupils coloured counting strips• Maths number balance coloured dominoes• Transport counters•…

  • 5 Ducks & 10 Frogs Set

    Perfect for developing early years counting skills, this handy kit contains 5 ducks, 5 numbers and 10 frogs. The frogs, ducks and numbers are magnetic and come complete with a large magnetic scene.• Scene background - 840mm(w) x 300mm(h)

  • Numicon Starter Apparatus Pack A

    …Post Box, 1 x Display Number Line, 3 x 10s Number Line, 2 x Card 1-100 Number Track, 2 x 0-100 Numeral Cards, 2 x 0-100cm scale Number Line, 1 x Magnetic Strip, 1 x Number Rods - Large Set, 1 x Number Rod Trays 1-10 and 20, 3 x 1-100cm Number Rod Track, 2 x 0-31 Number Line (pack of 3), 4 x…

  • Numicon Starter Apparatus Pack C

    …scale Number Line, 1 x Magnetic Strip, 3 x 1-100cm Number Rod Track, 2 x Coloured Counters Pack of 200, 3 x10 Numicon Ten Shapes, 1 x Number Rods - Large Set, 2 x Baseboard Laminate Pack of 3, 3 x Card 1-100 Number Track, 2 x Feely Bag, 1 x One Million Display Frieze, 1 x 0-1.01 Decimal Number Line,…

  • Numicon Starter Apparatus Kit

    …scale Number Line• 1 x Magnetic Strip• 3 x 1-100cm Number Rod Track• 2 x Coloured Counters Pack of 200• 3 x 10 Numicon Ten Shapes• 1 x Number Rods - Large Set• 2 x Baseboard Laminate Pack of 3• 3 x Card 1-100 Number Track• 2 x Feely Bag• 1 x One Million Display Frieze• 1 x 0-1.01 Decimal Number

  • Fishing Game

    An easy to use classic magnetic fishing game which challenges hand eye co-ordination and manipulation skills whilst having fun identifying the colourful characters from the sea. Contains 4 magnetic fishing rods and 20 fish with numbers 1-5 on the reverse. Age: 3 years+.• Frame size: 250mm(w) x…

  • Numicon Starter Apparatus Pack B

    …scale Number Line,1 x Magnetic Strip, 3 x 1-100cm Number Rod Track, 2 x Coloured Counters Pack of 200, 2 x Baseboard Laminate Pack of 3, 3 x 10 Numicon Ten Shapes, 1 x Number Rods - Large Set, 1 x Display Number Line, 5 x Extra Numicon 1-shapes, 1 x 0-41 Number Rod Number Line, 1 x 0-1001 Number

  • Place Value Fishing

    …water tray or on a table. Magnetic Fishing Rods pick up the counters which have ferritic stainless steel parts that won’t rust in water or sand. 2 games are available using double-sided work cards. Write a number on the work card and fish the counters to match the number, or fish the counters,…

  • Place Value Magic Ruler Class Pack

    …one removable decimal point, two commas and seven of each number tab 0-9. For easy storage the tabs are provided in a plastic container. There are optional legs (to stand on a desk) a magnetic strip on the reverse for attaching to a magnetic board and holes to enable the product to be screwed to a…

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