Magnetic Words

  • Magnetic Letters Set

    This magnetic letters set contains 265 colour coded durable lower case letters in a strong storage box. With blue consonants and red vowels in line with many teaching systems. The letters are easy to use and are an essential tool in helping children to build words and sentences.• Each letter is…

  • Support for Spelling Kits

    …and laughter in the classroom. Progressing from basic CVC words with the use of board games, bingos and magnetic word strips that show the structure of the words, through to the most common tricky words to spell and high frequency words of our complicated English language, all sections are delivered…

  • CCVC & CVCC Magnetic Word Strips

    …to consonants and vowels for spelling and word building. Double sided with both templates and outlines spelling acquisition, the colour coding corresponds with Smart Phonics Magnetic Letters Sets 1, 2, 3 and Suffixes (360063, 360064, 360065 and 240335).• Contains 33 word template magnets

  • CVVC Magnetic Word Strips

    …sounds with these new magnetic strips. The words are represented by photographic images, making them suitable for use by older SEN or EAL pupils. The magnets cover phases 3 and 5 in the Letters and Sounds teaching programme. These can be used with the Smart Phonics Magnetic Letters Sets 1, 2, 3 and…

  • CVC Magnetic Word Strips

    …on one side and a template on the other to support decoding and visual strategies for learning the spelling patterns of words. Colour coding corresponds with the Smart Phonics Magnetic Letters Sets 1, 2, 3 and Suffixes (360063, 360064, 360065 and 240335).• Contains 33 word template magnets

  • Tricky Words Magnetic Word Strips

    These Tricky Word Magnetic Strips enable children to build tricky words from magnetic letters with support from colour coding, which shows the parts of the word that are regular and the parts that are tricky. Here, the colour coded part represents phonic regularity while the letters in black…

  • Magnetic Word Building Rainbow Arc

    This beautiful, double sided magnetic mat is ideal for sequencing activities. For use with Magnetic Letters. • Each arc measures 335mm x 482mm

  • Magnetic 2D Shapes

    Magnetic vinyl 2D shapes of different sizes to name, sort and describe their feature. Includes a set of words in everyday language for labelling/description.• Biggest shape 150mm, smallest shape 75mm• Set of 15

  • CVC Magnetic Fishing Game

    …which has been specifically developed as the most suitable font for children to recognise and is widely used in schools. Age: 3 years+.• The set contains 55 magnetic fish (7cm long), 4 play boards, 4 magnetic fishing rods (28cm long) and an instruction guide• Suitable for up to 4 players

  • Large Magnetic Letter Sounds

    …on the top of the whiteboard so that words can be created from letters that have previously been taught. Children can see the process of blending by pushing the letters together and the process of segmenting by pulling the letters apart. • Contains 50 large magnets (height approximately 160mm)

  • Vowel Owl Magnets

    …literacy skills. Simple owl-themed magnets can be used on any magnetic surface. Friendly owls will encourage children to sort words by vowel, identify vowels, compare short and long vowels, beginning sounds and are perfect for use on the whiteboard.• Plastic magnets are wipe-clean• Set of 6•…

  • Double sided early years magnets

    Excellent for learning how to read and write numbers 1-20 in numerals and words. There is a pictorial representation on the back, just turn the magnet over to check the answer is correct, or simply match the numbers to the pictorial representation. • Pack of 40• 100mm(w) x 100mm(h)

  • Task Slicing Tool

    A visual aid to break down tasks into smaller, more achievable chunks using few words or images. These dry-wipe magnetic pieces will provide structure, build time management skills and raise self-esteem.• Size: 149mm(h) x 380mm(w)

  • Prefixes and Suffixes Resource Pack

    …understanding the meaning of words. This word building and grammar resource contains 50 magnets consisting of prefixes, suffixes, root words (each colour coded) and blank strips to make up your own root words. Pupils will learn that when a prefix or suffix is added to a root word, the meaning or the…

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 2 Kit

    …Matching Words and Pictures Puzzles • Box of 204 Flash Cards• Picture Caption Matching Puzzles Set 1 • Picture Caption Matching Puzzles Set 2• Word Smart Ball• Phoneme Smart Ball• Letters and Sounds Chute Cards • Foam Magnetic Letters • Phoneme Flip Stand• Magnetic

  • Phonics Phase 3 Kit

    …pocket and 56 object pieces)• 24 x Phase 3 magnetic high frequency words • 18 x phoneme fans (6 each of 3 designs) • 26 x A4 double sided mnemonic flashcards • A phoneme frieze • Buried treasure activity • Decodable word talk ball • 1 x ‘I can’ book for practising…

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 3 Kit

    Words and Pictures Puzzles• I Can... Book and Cards• Picture Sentence Matching Puzzles Set 1• Word Smart Ball• Picture Sentence Matching Puzzles Set 2• Set of 5 Reading Books• Sentence Substitution Game• Yes/No Question Cards Game• Phoneme Smart Ball• Magnetic

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 5 Kit

    …Cards Game• Three right Answers Game• Phoneme Smart Ball• Word Smart Ball• Letters and Sounds Chute Cards• Magnetic Foam Letters Phase 5• Magnetic Foam High Frequency and Tricky Words• Phoneme Flip Stand• Phoneme Flip Stand Split Digraph• 44 Sounds…

  • Phonics Intervention Kit

    …2 - Illustrated Word & Picture Cards • Phase 3 - Grapheme Flashcards • Phase 4 - CVCC Words And Flashcards • 44 Sounds Wall Frieze • Magnetic Phoneme Frames - 2/3 • Magnetic Phoneme Frames - 4/5 • Phase 2 Magnetic Foam Letters • Phase 3 Magnetic Foam Letters •…

  • Outdoor Literacy Kit

    …enabling children to explore literacy outdoors. Hang mobiles from trees, mark make letters and words and search for alphabet apples. Comes in a sturdy folding box. Contents may vary.Contains:• Magnetic Boards and Stylus• Outdoor Brushes• Alphabet Moulds• Alphabet Shells•…

  • Brainbox Let's Learn French

    …is simply remembering the French words, e.g. La porte for door. However in level two the question is completely in French and you might have to say what the colour of the door is. A fun way to improve French language skills; C’est bon!• Includes 55 cards• Packed in a sturdy cool magnetic cube box

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 6 Kit

    …6, they already know most of the common grapheme-phoneme correspondences and can read hundreds of words. The reading is done automatically if the words are very familiar. For less familiar words, decoding can be done quickly with their well-practiced sounding and blending routine. At this phase,…

  • Phonics Phase 2 Kit

    word talk ball• 204 double sided cards• 30 x A5 illustrated cards with accompanying word strips• 35 x A5 illustrated cards with accompanying phrases• Foam magnetic letters featuring all of the 23 phonemes to be learnt in Phase 2 • 6 x A4 magnetic boards• 6 x magnetic

  • Number Smart Red Phase Kit

    …Teaching Ideas Manual.Includes:• Maths Vocabulary Frieze• Magnetic Number Links to 20• Lots of Wheels• Place Value Puzzles• Lots of Socks• Number Streets to 100 • Double-Half City• Counting On Buses• Finding Fractions • Decodable Word Problems to 20 • Partitioning Banks • Guess my Number Sentence…

  • Number Smart Green Phase Kit

    …Maths Vocabulary Frieze• Place Value Puzzles• Finding Fractions • Partitioning Banks• Magnetic Number Links to 100 • Lots of Fruit• Measures Puzzles • Array Problem Matching • Money Problems • Decodable Word Problems• Number Mountains to 100 • Number Mountains Times Tables 2, 5 and 10• Write and…

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