Magnets Science

  • Magnetism Science Kit

    …filings• Metal discs• Drawing pins• Fasteners• String• Giant horseshoe magnet• Small horseshoe magnets• Mini horseshoe magnets• Bar magnets• Ferrite magnets• Magnetic marbles• Rulers• Tongs• Nails and needles• Ball bearings•…

  • Magnetic Force Science Lab Kit

    Through 9 experiments, children can make magnets float without touching them, use magnetic levitation to move a train, and create a compass.• Includes 20 real lab tools and a 20-page fact filled activity guide

  • Changing Materials Science Kit

    …cases• Measuring cylinders• Plastic funnels• Thermometers• Perfumes• Sieve• Wooden trays• Water wheel• Plastic pots• Syringes• Lollipop sticks• Balloons• Filter paper• Magnifying glasses• Foil• Magnets• Teachers' guide

  • Macro Science Kit - Investigations KS1

    Help young children learn by doing practical hands-on science with this fun selection of materials to perform investigations such as properties of objects, exploring magnets, testing materials, exploring everyday sounds and investigating how different we all are.Contains:• Height chart•…

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