Magnifier Set

  • Bug Pots

    Children will find these transparent bug pots a useful addition to their study of nature. The magnifying lids with measuring grid can be used to observe their findings.• Size: 50mm(w) x 40mm(h)• Pack of 10

  • Primary Science™ Jumbo Magnifiers

    Observe on a grand scale with our extra large jumbo magnifiers! Age: 4 years+.• Plastic lenses with 4.5x magnification• Assorted colours• Pack of 6• Size: 200mm(l)

  • Rainbow Magnifiers, Tongs & Viewers

    A set of brightly coloured hand magnifiers, ideal for investigating bugs, leaves and patterns in nature.Brightly coloured scoops with scissor handles for safely capturing, holding and inspecting insects or plants.A set of observation pots with a magnifier in the brightly coloured push on lids. Ideal…

  • Recordable Magnifying Glass

    …of having to write them down. Dual lens has 3x and 5x magnification and each magnifier requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).• Each magnifying glass allows children to record up to 30 seconds of sound• Dual lens with 3x and 5x magnification• Set of 6. Size: 220mm(l) x 90mm(dia.)

  • Primary Science™ Lab Set

    Real science tools that are perfectly sized for little hands, this set will encourage children's natural curiosity while helping to lay a firm foundation for early science learning. Develops the use of common science vocabulary through rewarding activities that engage all the senses. Concepts…

  • Jumbo Magnifier and Tweezer Set

    Magnifier features 4.5x magnification and unique flip-out stand for hands-free viewing. Tweezer has ergonomic depressions to guide a correct grip. • 4.5 x magnification

  • Bug Pot Set with Magnifying Lids

    Transparent pots with magnifying lids and 5mm² measuring grids, contained in a large clear tray - ideal for observing childrens' findings.• Tray size: 170mm(w) x 120mm(l)• Includes product guide• Set of 6 pots

  • Nature Discovery Set

    A great outdoor set which is ideal for your little explorers. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• 8 x clear buckets• 3 x trowels• 3 x forks• 3 x field trays• 6 x jumbo magnifiers• 6 x clipboards• 6 x binoculars• 6 x nature nets• 6 x bug jars• 2 x bug huts

  • Introductory Rock Collection

    This collection provides a primary presentation of the basic rock types. Includes five each of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. The kit comes with activity guide and magnifying glass.• Set of 15 specimens• Includes presentation box

  • Nature Exploratory Kit

    A great outdoor set which is ideal for your little explorers. Age: 3 years+.• 1 x set of 6 jumbo magnifiers• 1 x set of 6 bug viewers• 2 x binoculars• 1 x set of 5 pond nets

  • Handheld Microscopes

    This set of brightly coloured pocket microscopes can magnify specimens up to 120x with 2x optical zoom. Illuminated with a super bright LED which gives a crisp, sharp image. Requires 1 x AA battery per microscope.• Pack of 6 - magnify specimens up to 120x• Super bright LED and 2x optical zoom

  • Forest Schools Kit

    …All items are to be used under adult supervision. Set includes:• 1 x pack of 6 jumbo magnifiers• 2 x secateurs• 1 x metal whistle• 2 x 4oz pin hammers• 5 x pairs of children's gloves• 2 x potato peelers• 2 x tarpaulins 1800mm x 2400mm• Set of 20 pieces

  • Minibeasts Grab and Go Kit

    …outdoors and explore the fabulous world of minibeasts. The magnifying glasses have a stand so you can leave them set up and the shallow trays provide great contrast for studying minibeasts. Contents may vary. Age: 3 years+.• 3 x Magnifying Bug Viewers • 3 x Clear Buckets• 6 x Child…

  • Perception Semispheres

    …them. Older children can explore looking through the semispheres and placing them on top of objects, which magnifies it by 4 or 5 times as well as changing the colour. Use with a light panel to enhance the children’s opportunities for colour mixing. Age: birth+.• Size: 50mm diameter• Set of 8

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