Maths 100 Squares

  • Outdoor Hundred Square

    Large outdoor chalkboard featuring a grid with numbers 1-100. Provide a visual representation of numbers 1-100 to help embed and master early maths concepts in your outdoor area. This robust chalkboard is ideal for a range of activities, from counting and mark making to number games and patterning.…

  • A5 Write-On/Wipe-Off Maths Cards

    A5 Laminated double sided, write-on wipe-off surface. Ideal for whole class, group and individual desk top use. • 100 square with 10 x 10 grid on reverse• Pack of 35

  • Maths Mat 2

    …everything needed for a numeracy lesson.• Aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils• Place value chart• Number line to 100• Multiplication square• 100 square• Directed numbers• Number pairs• Fractions, decimals and percentages chart• Fraction wall• Percentage…

  • Numicon 1st Steps

    …apparatus and resources needed, 1st Steps with Numicon in the Nursery Kit supports children and practitioners in developing maths understanding in nursery.Contains:• 100 Square Baseboard • Set of 3 Threading Laces • Feely Bag • Display Number Line • 80 Coloured Pegs •…

  • 0-100 Number Beads

    Brightly coloured beads printed on one side only to enable the teacher to hide a number for the child to identify. Develops fine motor skills, maths and sorting and counting abilities. Age: 3 years+.• 101 beads, 10 x 600mm strings• Beads measure 25mm square

  • Place Value Set

    Square Grid Boards with teaching windows are a great hands on and self-checking tool for exploring number facts and investigating place value. The Ten Frames and Counters Cards provide a great starting point for number bonding and early place value. The Base Ten Blocks Cards are the perfect maths

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