Maths Mastery Set

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  • Mathematics Mastery Primary Kit

    …Mathematics Mastery believes every child should get Hands-on with Maths in every lesson. This kit has been designed with this in mind to be used by up to 15 pairs of pupils in the primary classroom.Includes: • 1x Digit Cards (600pcs)• 1x Snap Cubes (1000pk)• 3x Base Ten sets

  • Maths Mastery Sets

    …competing against themselves and each other. Each set has been thoughtfully created to focus on specific number facts, giving children the opportunity to build their confidence and speed of recall before moving on to the next set.• Available Sets: Addition, Subtraction, Early Multiplication,…

  • What If Maths Activity Cards

    …for every card. The NCETM suggest that 'mastery' in mathematics involves providing ALL children full access to the maths curriculum, enabling them to achieve confidence and competence mathematically.• Sets available for Year 3 to Year 6• Each set contain 20 cards which have 80 activities…

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