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Maths Resources

  • Linking Cube Classroom Set

    This 504 piece set comprises of 400 cubes, 50 triangles, 50 quadrants and 4 base boards. Age: 3+.Set includes:• 500 blocks in 10 bright colours• 36 x 2-sided activity cards• 4 base boards• Supplied in storage container• Size: 20mm squared

  • 6 Maths Board Games

    These three sets of Maths board games offer excellent value for money! Each game is printed with simple instructions printed on each game.

  • Problem Solving: Years 5-6

    Chapters include:• Reasoning about numbers and shape• Solving problems involving 'real life', money and measures• Numbers and the number system• Shape and space• Calculations• Handling data• Making decisions

  • Basic Shapes Set

    A comprehensive set of shapes designed to meet the needs of the curriculum.• 44 pieces in compressed foam with a booklet detailing shapes

  • Fraction Tower® Cubes - Fraction Set

    …reinforce fractions at home! Help students visualise and understand fractions concepts in different contexts with these colour-coded hands-on resources!• Durable, interlocking cubes help students visualise fractions concepts by building simple, visual mathematical models• Cubes are marked…

  • Teacher Number Fans

    Two sets of numbers 0-9 (and decimal point) big enough for the whole class to see. Can be used as one set of 21 digits plus decimal point or two sets of 10 digits plus decimal points.• Size: 230mm• Pack of 2

  • Number Sense Kit

    A handy kit packed with fun resources to teach number sense in EYFS and KS1. Set contains number cards 0-100, vocabulary cards, dry wipe card and 100 double sided counters. Also contains a teaching suggestion sheet with ideas of how to cover the National Curriculum objectives in EYFS and KS1.

  • Trilemma Maths Game

    A multi-level Maths game to challenge and entertain. Test your knowledge of the times tables, factors, multiples and square numbers, etc. non-sequentially in this game of chance and skill. The first player to place three counters in a row on the board wins the game. Age: 7 years+.• Includes a…

  • Figuro® Mental Maths Card Game

    Self-checking game style ensures children learn and reinforce immediately during play. This fun filled game reinforces a variety of numeracy skills such as number recognition, division and mental recall. Game play is language free.Includes:• 88 game cards• Game cards measure: 100mm(h) x 65mm(w)

  • What's My Number? Game

    Help children learn to count from 1 to 50 with this exciting number patterns game. Children will love the interactive nature of the game board as they ask questions and flick down numbers to best predict their opponent’s number.• Game includes 1 game board, 50 number cards, 10 question cards…

  • Addition Dominoes

    Plastic dominoes featuring addition equations using numbers up to 20.• Set of 24

  • Handheld 8 Digit Calculator

    Great value, dual-powered handheld calculator.• 8-digit display• Dual power (solar/battery)• Rubber keys • Colours may vary• Sold singly

  • Small Geometric Shapes

    Comprehensive range of plastic three dimensional geometric shapes.• Each cube, prism, cylinder and cone is supplied in 4 different sizes• Sizes: 30mm, 25mm, 20mm and 15mm• Pack of 16

  • Write & Wipe Fact Family Boards

    Build number fact fluency with boards designed in the familiar triangle format. Double-sided, wipe-clean boards focus on addition/subtraction on one side and multiplication/division on the reverse. Support algebraic skills such as equations, the commutative property and problem solving. •…

  • Rainbow Fraction® Dominoes

    A fun twist on traditional dominoes! Reinforce important maths skills with this game for 2-4 players. Dominoes feature numeric and visual fraction representations.

  • Match a Fraction

    A simple snap game featuring fractions 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 and 1. Comes in a storage box.• Pack of 40 cards

  • Fraction of Quantities

    A set of hands-on components to enable children to find the fraction of a given quantity, for example 2/5 of 20. It uses foam shapes, pegs, dice and cards to break down the process into manageable stages so that children understand exactly what is happening. The set was produced in conjunction with…

  • Number Crunchers to 10

    Each cruncher is printed with a calculation and has a plastic slider which can be moved to conceal the result, the first or second part of the sum or even the symbol.• Pack of 100 crunchers

  • Early Maths Progress Pack

    Boost essential maths skills and help children to achieve rapid progress with this targeted selection of maths resources. Embed the learning through active play and investigation across your setting! Age: 3 years+.

  • Maths Mat 1

    A3, double-sided, encapsulated mats containing virtually everything needed for a numeracy lesson.• Aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils• Number line 1 to 20• Place value chart• 1-100 square• 0-99 square• Blank hundred square• Fraction line• Vocabulary• Times…

  • Magnetic Place Value Arrows

    Magnetic no-tear vinyl arrows.• The 3 figure arrow is 142mm x 43mm • 27 piece set comprising of 9 each of 100s, 10s and units

  • Coin Sets

    Make learning fun with these plastic play money pieces. These coins are ideal for all money activities, allowing children to recognise and calculate all types of money. • Packs of 100: 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p and £1• Pack of 50: £2• Bumper pack contains: x750 coins (all of the…

  • About Time - Telling Time & Understanding Elapsed Time

    A hands-on, visual resource to support children in grasping telling the time and developing their understanding of time concepts. Unique time circle pieces work alongside the analogue clock and included time number line to enable children to learn skills from visualising intervals of time to…

  • Year 3 And Year 4 Complete Maths Kit

    This bumper kit of resources has been specifically put together to support you in teaching and children in learning the objectives. From place value to roman numerals, we have everything you need to give you a good base to build upon.

  • Plastic Graduated Beaker Set

    Transparent plastic beakers with broad, easy pouring spouts.• Over-sized to avoid spilling• One each of 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml• Set of 7

  • Attribute Blocks

    Teach sorting, patterns, size and early Maths with these durable plastic blocks. Each set includes five shapes, two sizes, two thicknesses (1mm and 4mm), and three colours.

  • Mini Motor Math Activity Set

    Primary learners will enjoy developing their numeracy skills with this race-themed counting game. Colourful activity set develops a variety of maths skills such as numbers 1 -20, number recognition, counting, early addition and subtraction, and patterning. Colour die develops colour recognition as…

  • Ladybird Class Kit

    This pack includes some favourite ladybird items. A giant ladybird, pupil ladybird fans, teacher leadybird fan, ladybird booklet, ladybird dice and magnetic counting ladybirds are all included within this themed kit. Kit includes: •1 x Giant Ladybird•30 x Pupil Ladybird Fans •1 x…

  • Linking Locos Counting Carriages

    Counting Carriages is a great dry-wipe resource that covers several curriculum requirements. Including number bonds up to 20, addition and subtraction up to 20 and measurement in metric units. Counting Carriages includes games for up to 4 players using double-sided cards with 2 levels of play- level…

  • Number Spinners

    Use these flexible spinners to aid and help with early number work and counting. Create fun games and use the spinner instead of or as well as dice. Can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to sorting through number flashcards, saving valuable staff time.• Supports Numbers and…

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