Mesh Zip Bags

  • Heavy Duty Zip Wallets

    Clear PVC zip bags reinforced with white mesh.• Extremely durable bags with a sturdy zip• Available in 4 sizes - A5+, A4, A3 and a pencil case size• Assorted colour zips - red, blue, green, yellow and black• Pack of 5

  • Mesh Laundry Bags

    Mesh bags are designed to allow items to be washed and contained separately from other items during the laundry process.• Choice of Zip Closure or Drawstring B-Lock Closure• White• Sold singly

  • Mesh Zip Closure Laundry Bag

    Removes the need to sort through washing. Simply put the individual's washing in the bag and place in the washing machine.• Zip closure• Approx size: 460mm x 640mm• Sold singly

  • Mesh Ball Sack

    Bag has ventilated panels to assist drying and comes with a zip-top closure. • Capacity: up to 12 balls• Sold singly

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