Metal Water Channel Stands

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  • Mini Water Channel Stands

    Robust metal stands, great for enabling children to design their own channelling system. Place on the ground or in Active World trays. The stands have various levels to adjust the pipes to different heights. The stands can be used indoors or out.• Pack of 4• Size: 400mm(h)

  • Water Channelling Unit

    Create water pathways and channels with this free standing, metal channelling rack. Place channels to create pathways, add tubing or pour water through the funnels provided. Children can pour and collect water as it travels, or build their own water race. Age: 3 years+.• Self-Assembly• Suitable to…

  • Water Channelling Stands

    A set of four stands sturdy, metal stands. Multi-functional, use these stands for attaching pipes, using water channels, making dens, weaving frames, etc.• Pack of 4• Size: 1000mm(h)

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