Modern Furniture Set

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  • Modern Furniture Set

    This modern furniture set is an ideal accompaniment to any dolls house. It has furniture to make up a master bedroom, children's bedroom, lounge, bathroom and kitchen. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 22 pieces

  • Bluebird Villa

    A modern open style house with a 15 piece furniture set, a bed, side tables and lamp, a bath, toilet and washstand, a sofa, side tables and lamp, a cooker table and 2 chairs. Age: 3 years+.Contains:• 15 pieces• Size: 410mm(l) x 395mm(w) x 674mm(h)

  • BIG DEAL Pin Panelz® Pantone Pack of 3 Offer

    Save up to £70 purchasing a set of three Pin Panelz® of the same colourPin Panelz® is a brand new concept in notice boards!Vibrant, colourful and stylish, they provide a more modern way to enhance your display or work space. More versatile than standard notice boards, Pin Panelz® don't just…

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