• Glass Mosaic Tile Pack

    For replenishing a classpack or a cost effective introduction to a fascinating craft. Tiles are lightfast and frost proof and can be used both indoors and outdoors.• Size: 20mm x 20mm x 3.7mm thick • 28 strips of 12 tiles, 336 tiles per box

  • Mini Resin Mosaics

    A classpack of mini mosaics made from resin with assorted matte, glossy and bright surfaces.• Pack of 32 x 25g bags

  • Mosaic Paper Pieces

    Bumper pack of multi-coloured pre-cut squares, a must for gluing and sticking activities. Children will love them. Bright, colourful and lots of fun!Size: Standard 10mm² and jumbo 25mm²

  • Foam Shapes Bumper Pack

    Our 450 grams of foam is filled with big, easy-to-use, colourful pieces. Pieces are easy to glue and great for collage, mosaic and sorting activities. • 5 shapes• Assorted sizes, ranging from 1.25mm to over 50mm• Contains 4,475 pieces approx• Does not contain latex

  • Mega Patterned Paper Mosaics

    Mega sized mosaic pieces ideal for decoration and collage in an assortment of patterned papers. • Size: 45mm dia. circle, 50mm² square and 45mm triangle• Pack of 1000

  • Mosaic Pack

    Achieve stunning effects on a large or small scale with our mosaic pack.Set contains:• Approx. 3kg of glass tiles in a variety of colours• 1 x pair safety goggles• 2 x pincers for breaking tiles• 1 x tub of powder grout • 1 x tub of adhesive• Full instructions•…

  • Sequins Stack Pack

    Handy stackable compartments each filled with a different design of sequins.• Contains mosaic, flower, letters, assorted spangle sequins, gold and silver stars• 12g per tub• Pack of 5 tubs

  • Glitter Mosaics

    This assortment of glittery mosaic pieces is sure to be a winner with everyone that sees them. Lots and lots of gluing and sticking fun!

  • Neutral Mosaic Squares

    Pre-cut paper mosaic squares in lovely neutral tones. Ideal for collage and creative projects.• Pack of 5,000: Size 25mm• Pack of 10,00: Size 10mm

  • Craft Boxes

    This pack of plain boxes in six different shapes is ideal for painting, découpage, paper mosaic, collage and more.• Shapes: rectangle, square, heart, circle, oval and hexagon• Size: 70mm(w) x 70mm(d) x 40mm(h) approx.• Pack of 12 - 2 of each shape

  • The Romans Pack

    …of engineering that changed how we live today and much more.Includes:• Teachers notes • Full colour A2 posters • Worksheets • Fact sheets • 30 x colour printed writing frames • Make an olive leaf wreath class activity • Design a Roman Mosaic class activity • Decorate a Roman Helmet class activity

  • Glitter Circle Mosaics

    An exciting pack of glitter paper circles in a variety of sizes and fluorescent colours. Perfect for all decorative craft activities. • Size range: 10mm to 80mm• Pack of 3000

  • Giant Glitter Mosaic Shapes

    Beautiful, large metallic tiles to make giant sparkling sequences, tessellations and dazzling pictures. Made from wipe clean EVA foam. A fantastic resource to take outside.

  • Holographic Mosaics

    Bumper pack of assorted coloured holographic square mosaics. Fantastic resource for all your collage, decorative and festival activities.• Sizes: 10mm and 25mm• Pack of 4000

  • Sparkling Festive Collage Classpack

    All you need to add sparkle to your festive art projects. • Pack Contains: festive sequin shaker, classpack of mosaic shapes in assorted colours, metallic tinsel stems in assorted colours, fluffy snow, jar of glitter shavings in assorted colours, curling ribbon in assorted colours 20m, festive…

  • Make a Mayan Mask Set

    …need to make wonderfully colourful 3D Mayan style masks. Perfect for Art and History sessions. • Size: 250mm x 200mm• Pack contains: 30 pre-cut card masks, feathers, plain and patterned jumbo mosaic pieces, A4 sheets glitter paper along with fully illustrated instructions and design ideas

  • Collage Crowns

    An excellent festive activity that is quick and easy to decorate. Includes sequins, jumbo mosaics and paper stars.• Pre-cut crown bands in bright colours• Crown band size: 640mm(l)• Pack of 30

  • Paper Maché Baskets

    These baskets are ideal for painting and many decorating techniques including, collage, paper mosaic, decoupage etc. A great resource for Easter, Christmas and Mother's Day.• Size: 100mm(w) x 100mm(d) x 100mm(h) approx.• Pack of 6 - 3 oval and 3 rectangular

  • Tissue Paper - Seasonal Colours

    Quality tissue paper in two beautiful colours ranges. Use this tissue paper to create exciting art and craft projects, such as mosaics, flowers, stained glass, collages, etc.• Warm Colours: canary yellow, cadmium yellow, dark yellow, golden red, orange, red, chinese red, scarlet red, dark red…

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