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  • Dettol® Mould & Mildew Remover

    A spray cleaner that contains an anti-microbial agent that removes stains caused by ingrained mould.• Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in 30 seconds• Contains active bleach • For use on window frames and walls, refrigerator door seals, concrete patios, plastic shower curtains,…

  • Super Lightweight Putty

    Soft, smooth and easy to mould air-dry putty. It doesn't crack and can be painted when dry.• Does not contain any of the following common allergens: Latex, Dairy and Casein, Egg, Gluten, Peanut and Tree Nut or Soy• Colours: 2 of each Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and…

  • Lowercase Alphabet Sand Moulds

    Sturdy, fun, plastic letters are great for encouraging tactile learning and reinforcing fine motor skills. Age: 3 years+.• Available in uppercase or lowercase• Set of 26• Size: 75mm(h) x 15mm(d)

  • Dough Workshop Set

    …set helps children perform a variety of tasks with dough. It promotes co-ordination, imaginative use and combination of shapes and colours.Set includes:• 8 dough machines• 58 mould shapes• 8 slides• 4 carving spoons• 30 pots of dough (6 colours)• 8 cutting wheels

  • Numbers and Shape Sand Moulds

    Made of durable plastic shapes, numbers and operations encouraging early learning during sand play. Colourful moulds use texture and shape to introduce and reinforce areas of mathematics such as counting, solving simple problems and comparing shapes. Perfect to use with sand and water tables. Age: 3…

  • Consortium Spray Bactericide Cleaner

    A high quality bactericidal cleaner. Provides effective cleaning and sanitising in one operation. • Conforms to BS EN 1276• For use on all hard surfaces• Effective against mould and fungi• Contact time: 5 minutes

  • Brick Layer Set

    This brightly coloured Bricklayer Set includes a brick shaper, a builders and plastering trowel. Use the brick shaper to construct bricks out of sand and build a wall. When the wall's been built, it'll need plastering and then knocking down to start all over again! Age: 3 years+.

  • Moulded Fluted Grab Rails

    Easy-to-fit grab rails that provide a secure solution for lifting, lowering and reducing the risk of a fall. Suitable for wet hands and perfect in a bathroom environment.• White PVC tubes with moulded end fittings• Fluted tubes for better grip• Rail diameter: 38mm• Sold singly

  • Fully Moulded Bench

    • Size: 1800mm(w) x 360mm(d) x 800mm(h)• Available with black or brown seat• Seat height: 475mm• Weight: 60kg

  • Moulded Backless Bench

    • Size: 1800mm(w) x 360mm(d) x 460mm(h)• Available in black or brown• Seat height: 460mm

  • Lightweight Foam Balls

    These moulded lightweight foam balls offer a soft surface for throwing and catching.• Dimater: 200mm• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Sold singly

  • Coloured Lightweight Foam Balls

    These lightweight foam balls are ideal for developing throwing and catching skills.• Size: 200mm(dia)• Sold singly or as assorted packs of 4 and 12

  • Super Classroom Sand Set

    …Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• 1 bucket and sieve, 2 hand diggers, 4 hand and foot moulds, 4 castle moulds, 1 watering can, 3 sail boats, 6 shovels, 2 sand mills, 2 rakes, 2 hand-held sieves and 6 sand moulds (1 each; house, tree, train, plane, starfish and sea horse)• Colours may vary•…

  • Premium Reusable Hot and Cold Pack

    This soft, flexible, luxurious pack moulds to the problem area and lasts longer than a disposable ice or hot pack.• Reusable pack• Effective for relief from muscular pain• Pack can remain cold for up to 2 hours at room temperature• Size: 130mm(w) x 265mm(l)• Sold singly

  • STABILO® EASYgraph S Pencils

    Stabilo EASYGraph S are specifically designed for both left and right handed students. Triangular design HB pencils with non-slip grip moulds to ensure a relaxed hand posture.• Designed to improve children's handwriting• Assorted colour barrels• Classpack of 48: containing 40 right…

  • Liquid Latex

    Make reusable moulds from a wide variety of objects. It can be used on plaster, clay, wood, metals, etc. Simply brush on, or dip the master into the latex. Latex should dry within 20 minutes and may be removed from masters after approximately 3 hours. Latex always works best on porous surface as…

  • Northstar PortaRoller

    …Thickness infinitely variable from 0 to 70mm (0 to 2 3/4 inches)• Roll slabs up to 400mm (16") wide• Length of the slab is limited only by the space and canvas available• Accepts press moulds and a wide variety of texturing material such as burlap, plant materials, rope, cork and bark

  • Sensory Touch Tags Bean Bag Floor Cushion

    …for tactile discrimination activities. Reshape the bean bags into different positions to find the most comfortable sitting posture as the filling moulds to the shape of the body - also making it a great source of proprioceptive input. Children will feel safe, secure and able to concentrate whilst…

  • Clear Buckets

    Clear buckets with carry handles for mould making and water play. Being clear, sand and water can easily be seen to show proportion and volume. Contents not included.• Size: 175mm(dia) x 160mm(h)• Pack of 8

  • Outdoor Hollow Blocks

    These natural and brightly coloured hollow blocks are perfect for outdoor play. Age: 3 years+.• Made from pinewood and is treated with eco-friendly and child safe NEXGEN, formulated to protect wood from fire, mould and insects• Set of 27 pieces

  • Outdoor Play House

    This sturdy outdoor playhouse is made from pinewood and is treated with eco-friendly and child safe NEXGEN, formulated to protect wood from fire, mould and insects. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 1165mm(l) x 450mm(w) x 968mm(h)

  • Infant Watering Cans

    These infant watering cans provides watering fun for even the youngest children. Also includes a stamping mould on the bottom perfect for sand and water play. Age: 2 years+.• Size: 145mm(h) x 105mm(w) x 180mm(l)• Sold singly

  • Soft Dice

    Soft moulded foam dice, ideal for classroom activities.Size: 75mm (dia)

  • Smooshy Sand

    …and hard to put down. The sand can be moulded and shaped much easier than traditional Play Sand. The texture of Smooshy Sand is really soft, almost silky - let it flow through your fingers, oozing and melting before your eyes - you can roll it, squish it, mould it into whatever sand creations you…

  • Tarpaulin

    Tear proof laminated tarpaulins, water proof and treated with a UV filter to prolong life and durability. Mould and mildew proofed. Rust resistant metal grommets at 1m intervals. Suitable for gardens and a host of other uses.• Size: 1800mm x 2400mm• Pack of 5

  • Tarpaulin

    Tear proof laminated tarpaulins, water proof and treated with a UV filter to prolong life and durability. Mould and mildew proofed. Rust resistant metal grommets at 1m intervals. Suitable for gardens and a host of other uses.• Available in two sizes• Sold singly• Pack of four stall clips…

  • StayPut Non-Slip Wet Room Matting

    The StayPut Wet Room Matting is soft, warm and comfortable underfoot, whilst also being designed to give good drainage. • Mould and mildew resistant • Can be cut down to suit individual wet room• Machine washable 40°C• Roll Size: 900mm x 1000mm• Colour: Taupe

  • Foam Balls

    Moulded yellow foam with a smooth finish.• Available in 3 sizes• Sold singly

  • Slazenger Academy Cricket Set

    Slazenger's great value introductory sets help students and pupils to learn the skills and techniques needed to play cricket.Contains:• 2 x moulded plastic stumps• 2 x moulded plastic bats • 2 x balls• 1 x carry bag

  • Side Cutting Pliers

    Hardened and tempered jaws with induction-hardened cutting edges and moulded plastic handles with slip guards.• Overall length: 160mm• Sold singly

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