Musical Instrument Set

  • Handheld Childrens Percussion Set

    …percussion set is designed for getting children started in music. With a range of instruments to explore, they can begin to gain their skills in rhythm and sound. With a handy bag, you can keep them all safe and protected.• Variety of handheld percussion instruments• Suitable for…

  • Music Sensory Tub

    This set of 24 musical instruments can be used, not only for exploring the sounds they make, but also for their feel. The items are made from different materials; wood, plastic, metal, fabric, etc. A fantastic set to be used with individuals or within a group. Contains:• Apple, banana and…

  • Music Set 2

    This unique set of complementary instruments creates a wealth of sound and colour and are designed to lead children from the first discovery of noise and sounds into the world of creative music.Set contains: • Wave Drum• Tom Tom• Xylophone• 4 x bendy bells, for wrist and…

  • Early Years Music Frame

    This easy to move, lightweight frame includes a set of instruments to hang up and create different sounds. The frame can be left outside in your music area... just remember to bring the instruments indoors! Instruments may vary.• Suitable for 4 to 11 years• Self-Assembly• Made from…

  • Outdoor Music Frame

    Set up these portable frames anywhere you like and let the children explore a wide variety of instruments. • Frame 1 includes: 1 x set of Wak-a-Tubes (diatonic) with 1 x Wak-a-Rap carrier and 1 x beater • Frame 2 includes: 3 x cowbells, 1 x tulip block, 1 x two-tone woodblock, 1 x…

  • Grab And Go Music Kit

    Create your music area and let the children explore as many sounds as possible. A brilliant starter kit for making music anywhere. There are enough instruments and resources for up to 72 children! Contents may vary.• Pack of 54

  • A3 French Posters Set 4

    A set of 6 colourful glossy posters illustrating basic French vocabulary. Topics: Food, Drink, Wild Animals, School Subjects, Musical Instruments, Transport. • Set of 6

  • Spanish Posters Set 4

    A set of 6 colourful glossy posters illustrating basic Spanish vocabulary. Topics include; Food, Drink, Wild Animals, School Subjects, Musical Instruments and Transport. • Size: A3, 420 x 297mm

  • The Rainforest Resource Box

    …in your classroom! Includes artefacts and forest products, musical instruments, photopack and cross-curricular books.Contains:•1 x Toucan and Parrot (one small, one medium)•1 x Rainstick•6 x Postcards•1 x Set of Pan Pipes•1 x Hand Drum•1 x Seed Collection•1…

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