Nature Discovery

  • Nature Discovery Set

    A great outdoor set which is ideal for your little explorers. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• 8 x clear buckets• 3 x trowels• 3 x forks• 3 x field trays• 6 x jumbo magnifiers• 6 x clipboards• 6 x binoculars• 6 x nature nets• 6 x bug jars• 2 x bug huts

  • Natures Textures Discovery Trimmers Assortment

    • 4 assorted designs - sunflowers, grass, fossils and tree bark• 12 x 1m(l) strips of each design - 48m in total

  • Discovery Dinosaur Bones

    Guaranteed to inspire and excite, bury them in sand or soil, place them in a water tray or leave them outside to be discovered. They will appeal to children's natural instincts to investigate, sort, order and compare. Age: 2 years+.• 4 different lengths ranging from 60mm-120mm• Set of 12

  • Wooden Treasures Natural Set

    …set of smooth undyed wooden treasures inspired by nature and discovery.There are 12 different forms designed to stimulate the imagination, engage logic, discover creative ability, develop coordination and enhance fine motor skills.The open-ended nature of uncoloured wood allows for wider imaginative…

  • Wooden Treasures Starter Set

    A beautiful set of smooth wooden shapes inspired by nature and discovery. Each treasure shape comes in 3 shades of 7 organic colours symbolising emotional characteristics and the senses.There are two colour versions of mushrooms / nelsons and stones / tokens. The treasures will stimulate the…

  • Wooden Treasures Super Set

    nature, caring Blue = emotional healing, calm, inner peace Purple = spirituality Brown = stability, comfort. Complements our Rainbow Wooden Loose Parts & Architect ranges. We don’t bleach our wood prior to colour application which highlights the varied and fascinating features of the natural

  • TTS Sand and Water Eco Kit

    …innovative collection for messy play that is skills focussed, offering a rich variety of possibilities and is made from bio materials, in soft, natural shades. If you want to enliven and refresh your sand and water resources and activities, then this may just be the collection to do so. It was…

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