• Eliminol Odour Neutraliser

    Powerful neutraliser which eliminates bad odours instantly.• Light floral fragrance• 750ml• Sold singly

  • Urine Stain Neutraliser

    For the pre-treatment of acid based stains caused by urine and vomit etc., prior to cleaning.Essential in avoiding a chemical reaction and the flaring-up of old stains during the cleaning operation.• pH neutral• Use undiluted

  • Air Freshener

    Great value air freshener with odour neutraliser that will gently fragrance the room with a delicate perfume.• 350ml• Sold singly

  • Horizon Deosoft Fabric Softener

    Horizon Deosoft is a concentrated fabric softener suitable for most fabrics.• Not to be used on microfibre• Contains odour neutralising technology• Average dose is 3-5ml/kg• 10 litres

  • Comfort Deosoft Concentrate Fabric Conditioner

    Concentrated fabric softener with Odour Neutralising Technology that eliminates malodour and provides higher freshness to fabrics.• Longer lasting fresh perfume• Excellent softening and conditioning of fabrics• 5 Litres - up to 178 washes

  • Enhance Foam Shampoo

    A versatile foam shampoo for wet and dry foam shampooing.• Added soil barrier protects fibres from re-soiling• With Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) to remove odours at source• Woolsafe approved

  • Enhance Spot and Stain Remover

    Superb spot and stain remover which removes oil and water based stains from carpets.• Woolsafe approved • With Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) to remove odours at source• 750ml• Sold singly• For best results leave to soak for 5 minutes

  • Enhance Extraction Cleaner

    A thorough and effective extraction cleaner for removing soiling from carpets.• Suitable for all machinery• Use with hot or cold water• With Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) to remove odours at source• Woolsafe approved• Combats re-soiling

  • Jeyes Spot and Stain Remover

    A foaming cleaner which quickly and effectively removes spots and stains from carpets and upholstery. It is suitable for a wide variety of stains. • Removes stains and dirt fast• Neutralises odours• Leaves a pleasant residual fragrance• 750ml• Sold singly

  • Good Sense Automatic Air Care System

    Automatic air freshening unit with adjustable dispelling settings. The concentrated mini aerosol refill cartridge contains Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) to remove malodours.• Requires: 2xAA batteries (see item code: 050141)• Gives up to 50 days of freshness per refill• Wall…

  • Eye Wash & Skin Flush Kit

    The neutralising effect, reduces flushing time and volume of fluid needed to dilute acid and alkali splashesKit contains:• 2 Dressings (eye pads)• 2 Redcap eyewash (500ml bottles)• 2 Eye wash (200ml pods)• 1 mirror

  • Lifeguard Cleaner Disinfectant Concentrate

    …hard washable surfaces in washrooms and showers.• Dilution: General 1:40, Trigger bottle 1:10• Kills 99.99% of germs• Conforms to BS EN 1276• Contact time: 5 minutes• With Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) to remove unpleasant odours both at source and the surrounding area

  • W1 Sanilav Toilet Cleaner

    …for use on stainless steel, toilet surfaces and chrome plated surfaces as well as in septic tanks• Not suitable for use on enamel or marble surfaces• Kills MRSA, Lysteria, C-diff, Salmonella and E-coli and neutralises malodour• 6 x 750ml• For best results soak for 5 minutes

  • Sta-Kill Deodoriser

    This powerful deodoriser contains active bactericides and urine neutralising agents to help prevent stains. It is also an excellent pre-spray for soiled clothing prior to laundering.• Eradicates malodour from urine, vomit, mildew and cooking soiling• Effective against a wide range of…

  • W2 Sanilav Toilet Cleaner & Descaler

    A phosphoric acid formulation toilet cleaner and descaler that cleans and removes limescale, kills harmful bacteria, freshens and neutralises malodours.• Conforms to EN1276• Suitable for use on ceramic, stainless steel, chrome, toilet bowls and urinals• Not suitable for use on marble…

  • Good Sense Breakdown Carpet Cleaner

    Biological based odour neutraliser.• The dual action of cleaning detergents and bacteria culture breaks down organic material• Wide variety of applications including removal of stubborn odours from carpets• Pleasant ONT fragrance• 2 x 5 litres

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