Note Cards

  • Handy Revision Cards

    Assorted colour revision cards bound with a removable ring, to help keep notes neat and tidy.• 48 Cards• Removable binding ring • 4 assorted colours: yellow, pink, blue and green • Available in either: Lined (127 x 76mm) or Plain (100 x 50mm)• Sold singly

  • Consortium Spiral Bound Revision Cards

    Twin wire bound revision cards, ideal for keeping all your notes together.• 6mm feint ruling• 230 micron board• Lined on one side, plain on the other• 50 cards• Size: 152mm x 101mm• Available in: white or assorted colours• Sold singly

  • Rhythm Cards

    …colourful illustrations on the other, to reinforce the concept of rhythm. The syllables of the words correspond to the notes shown on the reverse to produce an original and very popular resource.• Set includes 10 each of the 7 designs and teachers notes• Size: A4 (individual cards are 650mm(h))

  • 0-100 Playing Cards

    This pack of playing cards is numbered from 0-100 and is ideal for number recognition.• Teacher's notes included • Pack of 101 cards

  • French Challenge Cards

    30 cards with challenges in English such as 'Describe what you're wearing' and ‘What do you like to eat?’ Pupils respond in French - the cards feature clues in French on the reverse and the notes contain sample answers to help the teacher. Age: 8-11 years.• Size: A5, 210mm x 148mm• Pack of…

  • Beads and Pattern Cards Set

    Colourful hardwood spheres, cubes and cylinders provide pre-reading early maths practice. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• 20 activity cards• 108 beads• Two 920mm black laces with 25mm plastic tips • Teaching notes

  • Sterling Notes Class Set

    Very realistic, full colour bank notes. This set includes a 'cheque' that can be written on and a 'credit card'. All are laminated for write on, wipe off.• 30 each of £5, £10, £20, £50, cheque and credit card• Size: £5 = 105mm x 54mm, £10 = 111mm x 59mm, £20 = 117mm x 63mm, £50 = 124mm x…

  • Coastlines Photopack and Activity Book

    …coasts. It contains 20 laminated photographs of a variety of coastal features including cliffs, arches, stacks, caves, headlands and coral reefs. Also included are photocopiable teachers' notes and pupil activities.• Contains 20 laminated photographs • Includes teachers' notes activity cards

  • Historical Currency Collection

    Explore different forms of currency and its origins. Children will be fascinated when they discover that currency has not always been coins, notes and cards that they are familiar with today•Contents: 10 x Roman coins, 4 x Greek coins, 1 x manilla, bag of cowrie shells, bag of cocoa beans

  • Memory Joggers - Royalty

    These cards include events such as 1948 Prince Charles was born, in 1977 the Queen celebrated her silver jubilee, wedding of the year in 1960 was Princess Margarets.• Each card includes brief biographical notes and ideas for use• Set of 50 laminated cards

  • Art Folder Bag

    Economical carry case for added protection for your art folder. Made from strong polyamide material with two carry handles and pocket for additional notes or name card.• Size: 400mm x 550mm• Sold singly

  • Number Flex

    Help pupils develop a deeper understanding of number and fractions with this versatile, visual resource.Includes:• Digit cards 1-20 and 6x6 different facial expression cards (36 in total), • Teacher’s notes with differentiated starter activity suggestions for KS1, LKS2 and UKS2

  • Polydron Archimedean Solids

    …construction of all 13 of the solids (though not at the same time). Age: 7 years+.• Supplied in a sturdy plastic box• Teacher's notes and work cards that can also be used as lesson plans included• Set of 160 includes: 80 frameworks equilateral triangles, 30 framework squares, 12…

  • Practical Prepositions

    …them to experience learning prepositional concepts through visual, tactile, auditory and spoken skills.Contains:• 20 x miniature object foam pieces (approx. 3-5cm)• 20 x small cards concept base objects (7-8cm)• 10 x large card concept base objects(15-16cm).• Teachers notes

  • LED Light Box & Optical Set

    …the splitting of light into the rainbow colours, how internal reflection is used in fibre optic cables and the appropriate lenses to use to correct long and short sightedness. Age: 8 years+.Contains:• 3-beam ray box• Lenses • Prisms• Teachers' notes • Pupil work cards

  • Pinking Shears

    Good quality scissors. Cut zig zags in fabric or card.• Blade size: 215mm• Sold singly* PLEASE NOTE: Not available for sale to under 18's - To be used under adult supervision

  • Disposable Craft Knife

    …angle cuts as well as etching, piercing, scoring, scraping, scribing and trimming.• WARNING: Unsuitable for use by junior children• Suitable for use only on paper, card and foam board• Pack of 10* PLEASE NOTE: Not available for sale to under 18's - to be used under adult supervision

  • Post Office

    Includes weighing scales, post box, stamper, coins and notes, cash drawer, magazines, newspaper titles, stamps, envelopes, post cards, vehicle licences and lots of forms and accessories you find in your local post office. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 455mm(l) x 210mm(w) x 190mm(h)

  • Talking Spanish Box of Activities

    …groups.• Contains: 46x activity cards, 2x finger puppets, 6x small recordable postcards, 1x blank fan, 1x foam dice, 200x blank wipeable playing cards, 1x set of number cards, 1x feely bag, 1x blank spinner, 1x Euro notes and coins set, 1x marker pen, photocopiable templates and teacher notes

  • LFL SPaG Box 2

    Ready-made card sets for fun practice of homonyms, synonyms, antonyms and word classes. Each pack contains 4 sets of cards. The homonyms, synonyms and antonyms sets each include 12 packs of cards (20 cards in each pack covering 10 different words). The 100 Word Class Cards have 25 nouns, verbs,…

  • LFL Oral Development Box 2

    …The photo cards are ideal for sparking ideas and discussions within the classroom. Teacher Notes are included with a wide range of activities.Product Content:1 x Set of three word cards 1 x Set of debate cards 1 x Set of question word cards 1 x Set of tongue twisters 1 x Set of talk cards 1 x set of…

  • Seasons Game

    cards to each season on one side, or play a season’s bingo game on the reverse. There are also four photocopiable writing frames included to allow the children to draw images and write notes about a particular season. Includes: • 4 double-sided A4 boards, • 1 spinner• 24 self-checking season cards•

  • Money Bingo

    …would it cost for a 5 minute phone call? How much change would I get from £10? Children will love exploring the use of different denominations of notes and coins. This high-quality bingo game has been designed to teach children an understanding of money within a real life context. Children can also…

  • 3M Craft Mount Adhesive

    Permanent adhesive for use on polystyrene, felt, cork, fabric, wood, paper, card and plastic films.• 400ml can• COSHH: IRRITANT AND FLAMMABLE* PLEASE NOTE: Not available for sale to under 18's - To be used under adult supervision

  • Geography Photocards

    …and features, and the notes provide lots of suggestions on how to use the photos in the classroom. Looking at photographs can help pupils develop geographical observational and enquiry skills, challenge stereotypes and improve their understanding of physical processes.• Card size: A5• Set…

  • Primary Screen Printing Set

    …comprehensive teachers notes that cover Key Stages 1- 2 and 5-14 levels A-E Scotland. Using the notes and materials teachers can be confident of achieving core curriculum requirements.• Contains: 1 x set notes, 3 x A4 hinged screen frames, 3 x squeegees, 10 x sheets stencil card, 5 x 300ml…

  • Talking French Box of Activities

    …contains:• 46 x activity cards• 2 x finger puppets• 6 x small recordable postcards• 1 x blank fan• 1 x foam dice• 200 x blank wipeable playing cards• 1 x set of number cards• 1 x feely bag• 1 x blank spinner• 1 x Euro notes and coins set• 1 x…

  • French Shopping Game

    …6 players, the aim is to fill your shelves with items that match the images on your shop card, reading the French words as you do so. The winner is the first player to fill all of their shelves. Teachers’ notes provide key phrases and suggestions for ways to extend the language element of the game…

  • Early Phonics Progress Pack

    …blend and segment, building their phonic knowledge through meaningful contexts. Age: 3 years+.• Helping Young Children with Phonics book• Crispin the Crow Puppet• Phonics Pebbles• Active Phonics Cards• Twelve tabards• Ragtag Rhymes Sets 1 and 2• Supplied in a sturdy Gratnells tray with notes

  • Spanish Shopping Game

    …6 players, the aim is to fill your shelves with items that match the images on your shop card, reading the Spanish words as you do so. The winner is the first player to fill all of their shelves. Teachers’ notes provide key phrases and suggestions for ways to extend the language element of the game…

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