Noughts And Crosses

  • Giant Noughts and Crosses Game Set

    A giant version of the traditional game of noughts and crosses.• Size: 930mm x 930mm • Supplied with cut out pieces

  • 3 games in 1 - Chalkboard Challenge

    Challenges include: 4 in a row, noughts and crosses and mystery word. Available in a variety of sizes, the larger sizes are perfect for accommodating groups of children playing each game at the same time.• Made from heavy duty plastic panels, weather and UV light resistant• Free pack of chalk…

  • Adult Activity Table

    • Size: 1525mm(1) x 1365mm(w) x 735mm(h)• Seat height: 425mm• Choice of 12 different activity tops• Supplied in black

  • Junior Activity Table

    • Size: 1525mm(l) x 1365mm(w) x 640mm(h)• Seat height: 380mm• Choice of 12 different activity tops• Supplied in black, multicoloured tables are available upon request

  • Activity Tables

    • Available in both junior and adult sizes• Size of junior table: 1525mm(l) x 1365mm(w) x 640mm(h) - Seat height 380mm • Size of adult table: 1525mm(l) x 1365mm(w) x 735mm(h) - Seat height 425mm• Choice of 12 activity tops • Supplied in black only- Multi-coloured tables…

  • Marmax Teeny Tots Table

    • Delivered fully assembled• Weight: 20kg• Size: 545mm(w) x 545mm(d) x 457mm(h) • Gameboard provided please specify what option amongst the following is requested: Chess, Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Connect4, Noughts & Crosses, Colouring In, Colouring In Zoo, Colouring In Farm.

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