Number Spots

  • Giant Connecting Beads

    …activities, this is a set of 20 giant connecting beads numbered 1-20. They are great for a wide range of activities such as counting forwards and backwards and identifying 1 more and 1 less than. Blank on one side for spotting the missing number in the sequence. Each bead measures 20 x 20cm, is…

  • Five-Wise Number Frames

    …with numbers. They are perfect for spotting relationships and predicting patterns between numbers and visualising numbers in different contexts, all of which contribute to good number sense.Our Five-Wise Number Frames stress the finger pattern as an aspect of the structure of number; drawing…

  • Polyhedra Dice Set

    …hundreds dice, 100-1,000• 10 x 10 sided thousands dice, 1,000-10,000• 10 x 12 sided dice, 1-12• 10 x 6 sided dice, numbered 1-6• 30 x 6 sided dice, spotted 1-6• 12 x 6 sided dice, blank, white• 10 x 6 sided, addition and subtraction• 10 x 6 sided dice, division and…

  • Mathematics Mastery Primary Kit

    …Base Ten sets (184pcs)• 2x Number Rods (155pcs)• 2x Transparent Counters (1000pk)• 3x 0-100 Child's Bead Number Line (6pk)• 1x Dry Wipe Double-Sided Number Line Board (30pk)• 30x Bead Strings (100 beads)• 1x Jar of 10 Sided Dice (100pk)• 1x Jar of Spot Dice (100pk)

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