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  • Wooden Number Trays

    Children will enjoy collecting and counting objects in these tactile trays. Ideal for exploring counting, number bonds and mathematical language of more than and less than. Tracing the routed number supports early writing skills. Age: birth+.Size: 100mm(l) x 140mm(w)

  • Numicon Number Rod Trays 1-10 & 20

    These stacking, coloured trays match the number rods. Useful for building number bonds and pattern making. Age: 3 years+.• Trays cover 1-10 and 20

  • Number Pebbles

    …in a water tray!• Activity Guide• Pebbles are cast from a special resin and stone mix• Jumbo Number Bonds: Set of 22 – two each of numbers 0-10• Sum building: Set of 50 – two each of numbers 0-20, +, -, = and one each of x and ÷• Number Bonds: Set of 22 – two each of numbers

  • Active World Number Mat

    number mat, designed to fit the Active World Tray. The mat is designed to bring a multi-sensory approach to numeracy. It has been designed to bring extra appeal to number activities. Sprinkle the mat with soap suds, spaghetti, jelly, etc., as you swirl your hands around to find the numbers. Try…

  • Coloured Number Rods

    …bright plastic coloured rods, perfect for small group use or the whole class. Truly open ended resource that can be used to reinforce everything from addition and subtraction to patterns and algebra.Colours may vary.• 155 pieces supplied in a jar• 444 pieces supplied with 5 trays

  • Number Smart Purple Phase Kit

    Count, explore, calculate, position and order numbers to 10 and then 20 with this innovative selection of multisensory games and resources contained within a handy Gratnells storage tray. Decompose, combine, add and subtract numbers during these self-contained, multisensory games and activities to…

  • Number Smart Red Phase Kit

    …Streets to 100 • Double-Half City• Counting On Buses• Finding Fractions • Decodable Word Problems to 20 • Partitioning Banks • Guess my Number Sentence (+/-) flipbook• Number Mountains to 10 and to 20• Red Phase Ideas Manual• Addition and Subtraction Smart Balls• 6 x White boards • Gratnells Tray

  • Number Smart Green Phase Kit

    …• Money Problems • Decodable Word Problems• Number Mountains to 100 • Number Mountains Times Tables 2, 5 and 10• Write and Wipe Boards to 100 (6pk)• Guess my Number Sentence (+/-) Flipbook• Green Phase Teaching Ideas Manual • Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication Smart Balls• Gratnells Tray

  • Number and Place Value Teaching Essentials Kit

    …Place Value Arrows• One to Hundreds Flip Stand• Foam Magnetic Numbers• Laminated Hundreds Board• Large Vinyl Number Tracks• 117 Number Flash Cards• Number Fans• Number Spinners 6pk• Magnetic Number Lines Level 1• Blueberry Jelly Extra Deep Tray and Lid

  • 10 Frame Tray

    This specially designed tray will help children develop an early understanding of counting, addition and subtraction in a highly visual and tactile way. They can explore, learn and practise number bonds to 10. Age: 2 years+. • Made from sustainably sourced natural beech wood• Dimensions:…

  • Frame Tray Set

    As a set, these beautiful wooden trays show clearly how numbers increase in size. Use them with counters to explore what number bonds can be created on a single tray. Combine trays to explore how numbers relate to each other and can be presented as arrays. Made from sustainably sourced beech wood.…

  • 5 Frame Tray

    This attractive natural 5-frame tray invites children to explore early number in a fun and meaningful way using real objects that attract their interest. Made from responsibly sourced beech wood the tray is both practical and portable. – children can use the tray to collect items both inside and…

  • Natural Sorting Tray

    This attractive tray is designed to encourage all sorts of sorting! The nine sections, arranged in a 3 x 3 array, are perfect to help children sort according to particular criteria such as size, shape, number, colour or pattern. Made from sustainably sourced natural beech wood.• Size: 230mm x…

  • Connectible Ten Frame Trays

    Trays reinforce early maths skills such as counting, 1-to-1 correspondence, number patterns, addition, subtraction and more. Trays are connectible and can also form 5 x 5 arrays for teaching multiplication concepts. Includes:• 10 ten-frame trays• 5 five-frame trays• 150 double sided discs• Tray

  • Numicon Starter Apparatus Pack A

    …Post Box, 1 x Display Number Line, 3 x 10s Number Line, 2 x Card 1-100 Number Track, 2 x 0-100 Numeral Cards, 2 x 0-100cm scale Number Line, 1 x Magnetic Strip, 1 x Number Rods - Large Set, 1 x Number Rod Trays 1-10 and 20, 3 x 1-100cm Number Rod Track, 2 x 0-31 Number Line (pack of 3), 4 x…

  • Numicon Firm Foundations Starter Apparatus Pack

    …1 x Feely Bag • 1 x Display Number Line • 80 x Numicon Shapes • 1 x Number Bond Baseboard Overlay• 1 x Picture Baseboard Overlays 1 x Spinners • 1 x Large Set Number Rods • 1 x Large Format Table Top Number Line • 1 x 0-41 Number Rod Number Line • 1 x Number Rod Trays 1-10 and 20 • 1 x Extra Numicon…

  • Numicon Firm Foundations One-to-One Apparatus Pack

    …• 1 x 100 Square Baseboard Firm Foundations • 1 x Feely Bag • 1 x Large Format Table Top Number Line • 80 x Coloured Pegs • 80 x Numicon Shapes • 1 x Number Bond Baseboard Overlays • 1 x Picture Baseboard Overlays • 1 x Spinners • 1 x Small Set of Number Rods • 1 x Number Rod Trays 1-10 and 20

  • White Rose Maths Place Value Kit

    …Place Value Counters Class Pack 2475pcs•1 x Base Ten Set 55pcs•1 x Bundling Sticks 1000pk•2 x Ten Frame and Two Colour Counters 10pk•1 x Double Sided Desktop Number Lines 0-100 32pk•1 x Desktop Silicone Number Frames 80pcs•2 x Tray Lids •2 x Gratnells Storage Trays

  • White Rose Maths Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

    …1 X Foam Percentage Action (122pcs)• 1 X Foam Magnetic Percentage Action Bar (122PCS)• 1 X Foam Number Rods (492pcs)• 5 X Plastic Round Fraction set (51pk)• 2 X Dry Wipe Table Top Number Lines 0-100 (5pk)• 2 X Gratnells Storage Trays Jumbo (Blue)• 2 X Gratnells Tray Lid

  • White Rose Maths Essentials Kit KS1

    …lesson Board (30pk)• 1 X Singapore Coloured Base Ten set (755pcs)• 1X Desktop Silicone Number frames (80pcs)• 1 X Coloured Number Rods (155pcs)• 10 X 100 Bead String Line • 3 X Blank Table Top Number Lines 0-100 (5pk)• 2 x Granells Storage Trays and Lids Jumbo (Blue)

  • Early Handwriting Progress Pack

    …skills, coordination and control whilst encouraging correct formation and building confidence. Age: 3 years+.Contains:• On Your Marks! book• Feels-Write Pre-Writing Stones• Alphabet Pathway Mats• Feels-Write Lowercase Letter and Number Stones• Supplied in a sturdy Gratnells tray with notes

  • White Rose Maths Essentials Kit KS2

    …Units (1125pk)• 1 X Plastic Ten Frame and 2 Colour Counters (10pk)• 1 X Desktop Silicone Number Frames (80pcs)• 10 X 100 Bead String Line L130cm• 1 X Magnetic Jumbo Two Colour Counters• 1 X Maths Number Balance Pupils (10pk)• 1 X Gratnells Jumbo Storage Trays and Lids

  • Tactile Counting Stones

    …indented circles to represent the relevant number. The stones are ideal for counting, number recognition, learning the different ways to represent numbers, subitising and number bonds, among other maths concepts. They are ideal for use alongside our 10-Frame Tray (037746). Age: 3 years+.• Set…

  • Early Maths Progress Pack

    Number Pebbles 1 to 10• Ladybirds Counting Set• Helping Young Children with Numeracy book• Crispin the crow puppet• Sorting Stones• Active Number Cards• Set of six tabards• Maths Outdoors book• Dinosaur Match and Measure Bones• Dinosaur Match and Measure Cards• Supplied in a sturdy Gratnells tray

  • Place Value Fishing

    …used in a water tray or on a table. Magnetic Fishing Rods pick up the counters which have ferritic stainless steel parts that won’t rust in water or sand. 2 games are available using double-sided work cards. Write a number on the work card and fish the counters to match the number, or fish the…

  • Mini Muffin Maths Activity Set

    …recognition, sorting, counting and early maths skills. Dice feature colour and numbers allowing for group activities and games. Squeezy tweezers reinforce fine motor skills. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• 1 muffin tray • 60 mini muffin counters• 1 squeezy tweezer • 12 double sided…

  • Handy Scoopers™

    …great for use in sand pit or water trays as they feature holes in their scoops so children can see the water escape. The easy-grip handles promote firm control and encourage children to practice scissor control. Colourful scoopers are ideal for developing a number of early skills, specifically fine…

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