• Numeracy & Literacy Easels

    A height adjustable, single sided easel with a harlequin coloured frame with coloured corners.• Boards have a plain surface• Flip chart clamp (pad not included)• Board size: 600mm(w) x 900mm(h)• Height: 950mm to 1650mm• Overall size 800mm(w) x 700mm(d) x 1350mm(h)

  • Maths Mat 2

    A3, double-sided, encapsulated mats containing virtually everything needed for a numeracy lesson.• Aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils• Place value chart• Number line to 100• Multiplication square• 100 square• Directed numbers• Number pairs• Fractions, decimals and…

  • Number Signs

    … Specifically designed to help with number recognition and encourage counting skills, it is the perfect interactive resource for early years numeracy. Made from heavy duty plastic panels which are weather and UV resistant, this product is suitable for outdoor use.• Size:260-300mm(w) x…

  • Number Spinners

    …work and counting. Create fun games and use the spinner instead of or as well as dice. Can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to sorting through number flashcards, saving valuable staff time.• Supports Numbers and Patterns initiative• 6 x numeracy spinners, 190mm x 190mm

  • Chatter Boards

    Dry wipe tiles with 10 second recording time each. Perfect for literacy and numeracy activities. Use with 2 x AAA batteries (not included). 44 tiles on each board.

  • Number Pebbles

    Build a fascination for numbers, these popular pebbles appeal to children’s natural instinct to explore, investigate, sort and collect. They are durable, so use them indoors and outdoors, bury them in the sand or sink them in a water tray!• Activity Guide• Pebbles are cast from a special…

  • Consortium A1 Literacy and Numeracy Flipchart Pads

    A1 specialist flipcharts for literacy and numeracy.• A1, 600mm(w) x 841mm(h)• 56gsm white paper with 40 sheets (80 pages)• Literacy pad has learn to write 40mm ruled lines with 50mm guide lines either side• Numeracy pad has ruled pages with 50mm squares• Both flip charts are…

  • 1-20 Lacing Numbers

    These 1-20 number beads are brightly coloured and will help children to understand the basic principles of numeracy and to recognise and position numbers 1-20. The beads are brightly coloured in yellow, green, red and blue. This set is perfect for reinforcing the early learning goals for counting…

  • Decision Dice & Insert Card Set

    The perfect introduction to Early Years Numeracy......this big soft dice makes learning effortless and fun! Simply insert the cards supplied into the clear dice pockets supplied for a variety of curriculum tasks that promote number recognition and develop counting skills. Age: 12 months+.• 1 x…

  • Number Beanbags

    Number beanbags offer a fun way to learn basic numeracy skills. Excellent for developing gross motor skills.• Contains numbers 1-10• Pack of 10

  • Numeracy Motivational Stickers - 24mm

    • 24mm dia. numeracy themed stickers• 12 different designs and captions• Pack of 120

  • A1 Literacy and Numeracy Flipcharts

    A1 specialist flipcharts for literacy and numeracy.• A1, 600mm(w) x 841mm(h)• 75gsm white paper with 30 sheets (60 pages)• Literacy pad has lines to learn to write• Numeracy pad has ruled pages with 50mm squares• Both flipcharts are plain on the reverse• Pack of 5 pads

  • Themed Stickers

    Perfect for rewarding specific achievements or behaviours.• Healthy Eating Stickers: 125 x 28mm(dia.)

  • Number Beanbags

    Number beanbags offer a fun way to learn basic numeracy skills. Excellent for developing gross motor skills. Age: 3 years+.• Contains numbers 1-10• Pack of 10

  • Number Stencils

    A great way of making numeracy activities fun and creative.• Made from sturdy plastic• Easily washable• Size: 207mm x 150mm• Pack of 10 in digits 0 to 9

  • Ladybird Set

    A fabulous set consisting of some of our most popular ladybird items. Giant lady bird, pupil ladybird fans, teacher lady bird fan, ladybird booklet, ladybird dice and magnetic counting ladybirds. Perfect for encouraging early years numeracy skills.

  • Bee-Bot® Snakes and Ladders Mat

    Develop computational thinking and numeracy skills whilst playing the popular Snakes and Ladders game! Supplied with a dice, this game is designed to get children thinking about maths problems whilst having to program their Bee-Bot around the mat.

  • Super Sorting Pie

    This fruity pie teaches key early numeracy skills as children sort the fruit counters. Place the sorting cards into the pie base to provide visual clues. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• 60 counters in 5 colours and 7 fruit types• Removable divider• Three double sided sorting cards•…

  • Economy Treasure Basket

    …young children unlimited opportunities for discovery, excitement and learning. It will support children's physical, emotional, communication and numeracy development as they explore and play and watch their problem solving and imagination unfold. Age: 3 years+.• Approx size: 280mm organic…

  • Bumperbean Bag Pack

    These natural filled poly cotton bean bags are an ideal pack to teach numeracy and literacy. Also included is a tie cord bag and collapsible storage crate for easy storage. Kit contains:• 1 x set of alphabet bags• 1 x set of numbers bags • 6 plain bean bags• 8 shape bean bags• Supplied in…

  • Bee-Bot® Maths Bundle

    A valuable range of Maths related Bee-Bot resources. Developed alongside maths experts, this kit contains both numeracy specific mats and also activities cards to push your student’s skills in maths and directional control.Includes:• Snakes and Ladders Mat • Coin Mat • Number Line Mat…

  • Early Maths Progress Pack

    …investigation across your setting! Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• Number Pebbles 1 to 10• Ladybirds Counting Set• Helping Young Children with Numeracy book• Crispin the crow puppet• Sorting Stones• Active Number Cards• Set of six tabards• Maths Outdoors book• Dinosaur Match and Measure Bones•…

  • Cuisenaire® Classroom Multi-Pack

    This numeracy resource set from Learning Resources has enough rods for 12-18 individuals to use together. Rods come in ten different sizes from 1cm to 10cm and feature ten different colours. Each colour represents a different length. Cuisenaire Rods can be used to reinforce a variety of maths skills…

  • Dice With Snakes & Ladders Mat

    Make early years numeracy fun and easy, with our dice and mat. The colourful Snakes and Ladders mat is made from high quality cloth with a non-slip 2mm rubber foam backing. The decision dice has clear plastic pockets on each side and is supplied with 5 sets of interchangeable cards. These resources…

  • Outdoor Maths Problem Solving Cards

    Take problem solving outside! Cards are tailored to each year group and link to the National Numeracy Framework. Each card has a starting visual on the front, with an activity/investigation on the reverse to get your pupils thinking!• Each card also features: Key Questions/Talk Point, Key…

  • Bumper Maths Games Kit

    …popular maths teacher around. The bumper kit includes our immensely popular packs of board games, as well as our entire range of bingo games and numeracy Buzzles.Contents: • 6 Maths board games level 1, 2 and 3 • What’s the time? Bingo • Measures Bingo • Number Bingo •…

  • Cuisenaire® Rods

    This introductory set of Cuisenaire Rods can be used to reinforce a variety of numeracy skills; Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Patterns, Algebra, Probability, Statistics, Geometry and Measurement. The set contains ten different lengths of Cuisenaire Rods, each…

  • KS1 Written Calculation & Place Value Kit

    …the KS1 Mathematics curriculum because it underpins so much numerical knowledge and understanding. This kit guides pupils through these tricky numeracy concepts with a range of engaging and multi-sensory resources together with the amazing Curriculum Maths Practice guides from Scholastic. The colour…

  • Foam Letters & Numbers

    An assorted pack of coloured foam upper and lower case letters and numbers 0-9. A great introduction for literacy and numeracy.• Shapes are approximately 1” thick• Fine foam for excellent water retention• Colours may vary• Pack of 62

  • Bee-Bot® Bumper Mats Set

    Take Bee-Bot on a wide range of exciting journeys, ideal starting point for numeracy, literacy and storytelling! Make a great saving by buying this set of Bee-Bot mats together. Contents may vary.• 1 year warranty

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