• Boomwhackers® Classpack

    …coloured, tuned percussion tubes that are easy to play and lots of fun; sound is created by whacking the tube against any number of surfaces. • Set of 25 Boomwhackers • Move and Play Book and CD • Octavator Caps - Lowers the tone by one octave when placed on one end • Carry Bag

  • Hand Bell Set

    …top like desk bells. The add-on chromatic set consists of five sharps/flats for the standard octave, forming a different pentatonic scale. Combine it with the Diatonic set to create a full chromatic octave of 12 notes.• 8-note diatonic bell set: C major scale C64-C76• 5-note chromatic…

  • Ocarinas

    The perfect musical instrument for any first-time musician, all holes are within easy reach of the smallest fingers. Play a full chromatic octave (D to D) on the simplest 4-hole Oc, with a clear sound and no squeaks. • Single ocarina - colours may vary• Pack of 12 assorted colours -…

  • Outdoor Soprano Quartet Ensemble Instruments

    …impact.This mixed quartet of instruments comprises of the compact but punchy Cadenza, a Small Babel Drum and Soprano Pentatonic Freechimes.Spanning 2 octaves from middle C to C6, players will be making harmonious music together almost instantly. The ensemble also includes a pair of medium Congas to…

  • Duo Outdoor Xylophone

    …can be enjoyed by up to four players. Tuned to the pentatonic scale, the left and right-hand side are mirrored and the scale is C-major spanning 2 octaves from C4 to C6. Ground install.The Duo is built as standard with half aluminium notes and half GRP notes in the colour of purple-heart wood. Each…

  • 25 Note Glockenspiel

    This glockenspiel produces good quality sound over a range of two chromatic octaves.• Tuned G5-G7• Includes carry case and beaters• Size: 440mm(w) x 240mm(d) x 40mm(h)

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