Oil Colours

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  • Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Paints

    …crafted and triple milled in England, Georgian oil offer brilliant colours, optimal pigment loads. Fully intermixable with a smooth and buttery consistency they are ideal for experimenting with different brush and knife techniques. Can be used on oil painting paper, canvas and canvas boards.•…

  • Study Time Oil Pastels

    Great value, regular sized oil pastels in strong colours. For use in both classroom and studio.• Assorted colours• Blendable• Size: 60mm(l) x 10mm(dia.)

  • Pentel Oil Pastels

    …for painting, drawing, decorating or designing, these oil pastels are available in fade resistant colour ideal for most types of paper, canvas, oil and acrylic boards. Great to combine with watercolours, oil paints and soft pastels for mixed media work. •Long lasting•Assorted colours

  • Pentel Oil Pastels

    …drawing, decorating or designing, these oil pastels are available in fade resistant colour ideal for most types of paper, canvas, oil and acrylic boards. Great to combine with watercolours, oil paints and soft pastels for mixed media work. • Long lasting• Assorted colours• Pack of 432

  • Consortium Oil Pastels

    These quality oil pastels offer excellent value for money. • Available in a variety of colours

  • Pentel Large Oil Pastels

    • Fade resistant • Long lasting • Easy to apply and blend• Large sticks• 10mm diameter• Assorted colours

  • Pentel Large Oil Pastels

    The creamy-softness makes these pastels easy to lay down and produce varying textures.• Easy to apply and blend on board, paper or canvas• Fade resistant • Long lasting • Large sticks• 10mm(dia.)• Assorted colours

  • Water Soluble Oil Pastels

    Great value, high quality, water soluble oil pastels perfect for use in the classroom. They are jumbo sized, blendable and opaque, ideal for use on paper and card.• Assorted vibrant colours• Size: 10mm(dia.)

  • Reeves Oil Paint

    • Assorted colours• Pack of 12 x 12ml tubes

  • Study Time Jumbo Oil Pastels

    Jumbo sized oil pastels with strong opaque colours. • Assorted colours• Easy to blend • Suitable for most types of paper• Size: 68mm(l) x 10mm(dia.)

  • Cray-Pas Junior Artist Oil Pastels

    …pastel for a young user developing their artistic skills. They are ideal for mixing colours and colour overlaying. It is even possible to imitate the effect of oil paint.• Bright and intense assorted colours• Various techniques can be used including stencilling and scratching• Size:…

  • Daler Rowney Georgian Water Mixable Oil Paint Set

    …viscosity and smooth texture of the colours out of the tube mirror traditional oil colours and can be used for impasto techniques, or thinned down with water they can create wash effects similar to watercolours. Surface-dry between 5 and 7 days, and no colour shift from wet to dry.• 37ml…

  • Sakura Cray-Pas Oil Pastel Expressionist Range

    Highly versatile oil based pastel crayons. Gives complete colour coverage with ease of application and are easy to blend with effective results. • Can also be used to create scratchboard effects• Size: 10mm(dia.)

  • Cray-Pas Extra Wide Junior Oil Pastels

    An ideal pastel for the very young user. It is big and chunky and therefore very easy to hold. They are smooth and easy apply, ideal for mixing colours and applying them on top of each other.• Assorted colours• Size: 18mm(dia.)• Pack of 12

  • Tear-Off Disposable Palette

    Suitable for use as a disposable palette with oil or acrylic colours.• Made from vegetable parchment • Size: A4 - 210mm x 297mm• Pad of 40 sheets

  • Sable Substitute Brush Packs

    .• Fine white synthetic fibre brush • Suitable for water colour, oil and acrylic paints• Round head and short handle • Pack of 10

  • Marbling Inks

    Float a small amount of this oil based colour onto water to create amazing patterns on paper, fabrics or plastic. Use in a host of craft projects.• No additives required• 25ml bottles• Pack of 6

  • Synthetic Sable Flat Brush Packs

    The synthetic sable brushes are suitable for water colour, oil and acrylic paints. They combine a traditional spring with a fine flexible point and are used for a variety of painting techniques, including glass, silk and pottery painting.• Short handle • Pack of 10

  • Consortium Cartridge Paper

    Cartridge paper is suitable for working with a wide range of mediums including, sketching pencils, coloured pens and crayons, charcoals, pastels and oil pastels. • 130gsm or 150gsm• Available in a variety of sizes

  • St Paul's Field Sketching Easel

    A versatile lightweight beechwood easel for water colour or oil sketching. Canvases or boards can be secured upright or tilted to any required angle, including horizontal for water colour sketching. This easel can accommodate a canvas up to a maximum height of 670mm (261/2") and has telescopic legs…

  • Aristo Cartridge Paper

    Market leading drawing cartridge paper suitable for pencil, coloured pencil, calligraphy, technical pens, charcoal, pastels, air brush and oil pastels. The white sheets are uncoated with high opacity providing an excellent all round paper which is very robust.

  • Wooden Sorting Table with Lid

    …with learning about shapes or colours. The table comes complete with a wooden lid that can be attached to clips on the side of the unit when sorting trays are being used, or the lid can transform this unit into a table top. Constructed from hardwood, oil with a natural oil to maintain the beautiful…

  • Lyra Artists Pencil Sketching Set

    …quality sketching pencils and sticks with exceptional fluency. An excellent balance between dry and oil instruments, this set is great for sketching, drawing and drafting. With high colouring power, leaving a soft stroke, they permit easy shading.• Extra strong 5mm lead• Use of a fixative…

  • Consortium Violet Nitrile Powder Free Gloves

    Resistant to oils and acid as well as having superior strength compared to natural rubber.• Latex free• Non-sterile• AQL 1.5• BS EN455 Parts 1, 2 and 3• Powder free• Textured finger tip• Box of 100• Colour may vary

  • Berol Marven Medium

    …any colour or pigment without loss of brilliance when dry. Ideal for modelling, mixing, glazing or as strong adhesive for porous material. It also renders difficult surfaces suitable for painting and strengthens paper and card in model making.This PVA medium is also a water based alternative to oil

  • Wooden Stackers

    …and develop imagination. Sanded perfectly smooth so that it is soft to touch and finished with beeswax and botanical oils.• Mix, match, combine and play stackers• Includes 8 circular pieces of different sizes on a stand• Available in 2 colours • 140mm(w) x 136mm(d) x 224mm(h)

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