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  • TORK SmartOne® Advanced Mini Toilet Roll 2 Ply

    …conjunction with the TORK SmartOne® Toilet Roll System, delivering one hygienic sheet at a time, consumption is reduced by up to 40% compared to traditional jumbo roll dispensers.• Fits TORK SmartOne® Mini and Twin Mini Dispenser (item code: 025009 and 029969)• 2 ply, white• 620…

  • TORK SmartOne® Mini Toilet Roll Dispenser

    The TORK SmartOne® mini system is a unique single sheet dispensing system on a roll, perfectly suited for high to very high traffic locations, suitable for use in even the most demanding environments.• For use with TORK SmartOne® Mini Roll (item code: 025008)• High capacity dispenser:…

  • Mini Measure

    Mini measure is an easy to use tool for helping children to measure the height of an object. There are four measurement options: centimetres, millimetres, 1cm blocks and a handy dry wipe face, which can be used to assist estimation and for recording non-standard units such as hand spans or a pencil…

  • Mini Microphones

    …and playback function plus a fun voice changer. The three button design makes this ICT resource simple for children to explore and discover by themselves. Rechargeable. Age: 10 months+.• 5 x Mini Microphones• 1 x Docking Station • 1 x 5V 3A International Adaptor• Size: 120mm(h)

  • Mini Carpet Bowls Set

    This pack combines three games into one mat; mini bowls, target bowls and linear bowls, making it an ideal addition to most classes. Printed mat showing both target and numbered lanes.Contains:• 2 x set of 4 bowls• 1 x jack• 1 x start disc • 1 x mat• 1 x set of rules•…

  • Gratnells Step-Up Stages

    …the school hall to outdoors on sports day.• Mini Stage: 1 x 750mm x 750mm panel complete with birch trim panels and one set of steps.• Quad Mini Stage: 4 x 750mm x 750mm panels (1.5m x 1.5m stage) complete with birch front trim panels and one set of steps.• Podium: 3x 750mm x 750mm panels…

  • Mini Waste Trolley

    Colourful mini waste trolley with tray storage space and cutlery bin.• Supplied with 1 drop down tray runner• Includes 2 boxes for cutlery and beakers• Includes large bin that can take a bin liner• Size: 1000mm(w) x 500mm(d) x 700mm(h)• Supplied with 2 braked castors•…

  • Star Trophies

    These mini star trophies are a superb way to reward winners for a variety of sport and activities.• Size: 80mm(h)• Gold colour• Available in 7 designs• Sold singly

  • Consortium Mini Handwriting Whiteboards

    Great value, rigid, mini handwriting whiteboards, smooth and durable allowing easy writing and wiping.• Printed on one side light purple lines at 20mm intervals with dotted lines in between• Top of board printed with alphabet in upper and lower text• Encourages neat handwriting and…

  • Slazenger Championship Mini Tennis Set

    This mini tennis set includes everything you need to get a mini tennis match started. Contains:• 1 x post and net • 4 x moulded plastic rackets • 12 x training foam balls • 1 x holdall

  • First-Play® Mini Lacrosse Kit

    …sticks.Contains:• 6 x blue mini lacrosse sticks• 6 x red mini lacrosse sticks• 6 x junior yellow mesh bibs• 6 x junior pink mesh bibs• 12 x 70mm foam lacrosse balls• 12 x PVC 70mm soft-touch lacrosse balls• 25 x markers• 2 x mini goals• 1 x storage bag

  • Central Mini Cricket Deal

    Central Mini Cricket deal for developing early cricket skills and introducing new players to the game. Kit contains: • 5 x Set of stumps and bases• 2 x Junior bats • 8 x Senior bats• 10 x Mini tees• 5 x Rounders bats• 1 x Tennis racket• 1 x Carry bag

  • Mini Painting Window

    …by under 3's. unit includes a removable perspex sheet, hanging knobs for aprons etc and a shelf. The unit is also fitted with a drywipe panel on one side and a blackboard panel on the other side. The unit is made of 15mm covered MDF with polished bull-nosed edges of maple colour.• Size:…

  • Sure Shot Mini Rackets

    Excellent value mini badminton rackets, designed for use in Key Stage 1.• Age: 3-7 years• Weight: 100g• Length: 21"• Set of 4 assorted colours

  • Mini Sand & Water Play Station

    Wheels at one end of units for easy mobility and durable, clear plastic tub with screw-on bung for emptying water. Includes wooden lid which can be used as a work surface with optional accessory kit available. Made from high quality birch plywood which is treated with a protective waterproof coating…

  • Mini Clean-Up Kit

    A compact mini clean-up kit, ideal for safe disposal of body fluid spillages such as blood, vomit or urine when on the move.• Contents: 3 x disinfectant wipes, 1 x disposable bag, 1 x absorbent powder, 1 x apron, 1 x pair of gloves, 1 x scraper

  • Bisi Mini Badminton Racket

    The Bisi Mini is a lightweight, sturdy racket that has been designed for use in Key Stage 1.• Age: 3-7 years• Approved by Badminton England• Weight: 100g• Length: 21"• Sold singly

  • Budget Essentials Mini Highlighters

    Mini highlighters are convenient to use, ideal for pencil cases and small hands. Available in 2 options.• Pack of 5 assorted colours: 1 each of yellow, orange, pink, green and blue• Tub of 30 assorted colours: 15 yellow, 5 orange, 5 pink and 5 green

  • Mini Leader Kit

    …developed by experts at Derby City School Sports Partnership, over 80 resource cards together with equipment provide a platform for you to create mini play leaders in your school. Give your children the chance to be the leaders and watch their skills, confidence and well-being flourish.•24 x…

  • Mini Electricity Kit

    A fantastic electricity kit containing nine essential components and an in-depth teaching guide. Contains:• 3 x battery holders• 2 x bulbs• 1 x buzzer• 1 x motor fan• 1 x toggle switch• 1 x push switch• 2 x crocodile adapter clips• 6 x stacker leads• 1 x teacher guide CD-ROM• Supplied in a sturdy…

  • Weber Mini BBQ

    This Weber kettle barbecue with light and sound is equipped with two wheels, side handles, hooks for hanging utensils and a lid. Put the ingredients of your choice on the barbecue - steak, fish, shrimp, pepper, tomato, onion - and prepare a delicious meal for your guests. Age: 3…

  • Double Sided Water Channelling Walls

    Double sided water channelling walls, complete with accessories. These double sided units allow lots of children to access and enjoy experimenting with water play. Features two lever based taps on both sides to enable children to control the flow of water. Four taps, plus enough guttering, hooks,…

  • Mini Sand Timers

    Robust, colour co-ordinated sand timers.• 1, 3 and 5 minutes• Size: 90mm(h) x 25mm(dia.)• Pack of 3

  • Mini Square Ball Pool

    Great fun and ideal size to be emptied and put away. Made from durable fire retardant materials and wipe clean PVC. The foam sides attach to each other and the base with hook and loop fastener and can be separated for storage. Comes complete with 250 plastic balls and a free nylon ball storage…

  • Consortium Superlight Mini Whiteboard Gridded

    …resistant ideal for outdoors use or peer and teacher classroom assessment.• A4 size• Superlight, 67% lighter than the standard Value mini whiteboard• 750 micron, flexible whiteboard• Printed on one side with 20mm squares, reverse side plain• Available in packs of 10 and 30

  • Consortium Mini Write and Draw Whiteboards

    Great quality, rigid, mini write and draw whiteboards.• Portrait format, printed on one side half plain and half lined• Top half of board plain, bottom half 7 lines at 20mm intervals• Encourages the creation of ideas and topics by drawing and writing an explanation on straight…

  • Consortium Mini 3 Line Whiteboard

    Great quality, rigid mini 3 line whiteboards, smooth and durable allowing easy writing and wiping. • Printed on one side with 3 black lines at 50mm intervals• Encourages neat handwriting on straight lines• Reverse side unlined for freestyle use• Finished in high quality…

  • Consortium Mini Centrefeed Blue Hand Towel

    • Fits most hand towel dispensers including Consortium Mini Centrefeed Hand Towel Dispenser (item code: 810503)• 1 ply: blue unperforated• Recycled• Roll size: 195mm(w) x 120m(l)• 12 packed rolls to a poly bag for improved hygiene

  • Crayola Beginnings Jumbo Crayons

    Created especially for children as young as one year old, these chunky crayons are easy to grip for young hands and are far less breakable than other crayons. Unwrapped for easy use, soft enough to blend with minimum flaking. Age: 12 months+.• 24 Assorted colours• Size: 60mm(l) x…

  • A4 Pastel Coloured Mini Whiteboards

    …assorted pack of A4 pastel coloured whiteboards, ideal as a learning resource to support pupils with special needs/dyslexia.• A4• Cream on one side, with the reverse a pastel colour• Available in plain and a 3 lined board (landscape)• Pastel colours: cream-green, cream-pink,…

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