• Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives Cards

    …Themed sets of Photographic Learning Cards are a great classroom value for speech and language, special education, English as a Second Language. Set includes Everyday Objects, Food, Things at School, Actions and Opposites.• Set of 275 cards• Includes 13 guides • Size: 110mm x 140mm

  • Vocabulary Games - Antonyms

    Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings (e.g. dry and wet). Knowledge of antonyms empowers children to use more descriptive vocabulary in their oral and written expression.• Contains 20 self-correcting puzzles

  • Magnetic Pole Marbles

    These colour-coded, plastic-cased magnetic pole marbles not only attract and repel, but the colour coding reinforces that opposites attract and likes repel. Ages: 3 years+.• Size: 15mm diameter• Tub of 100

  • A3 Fixed Shelf Wall Dryers

    …on walls, use on the floor or table tops! Features 10 shelves and apron hooks to optimize use of space. Mount both dryers on the same wall or on opposite sides of the room keeping surfaces free from clutter and wet artwork protected and organised.• Self-Assembly• Made from powder coated metal• Pack…

  • Hille Series E Standard Shell Chairs

    …in a wide range of colour.*Savings based on prices shown in 2017 Education Catalogue.• 10 year guarantee• British made• Conforms to BSEN1729 part 2• Stackable up to 8 high• Standard Shell Blue chairs are available from stock, see opposite page (p1009) for ordering details

  • AquaPlay® & Go

    …its own space at the ferry station. Here is the perfect place to pick up the amphibian truck when it has collected its cargo at land. On the opposite side of the set, the harbour is located. Here you can let the mate load the container on the transport boat with assistance of the crane. By turning…

  • Collins Gem English Thesaurus

    Collins Gem English Thesaurus gives you practical, applied knowledge in your pocket. It contains a wide selection of alternative words and opposites, with the most useful words highlighted for ease of reference. The clear colour layout also makes the content easily accessible. Giving you added…

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