Paint Brush Sizes

  • Flat-Wash Brush

    This one stroke wash brush is ideal for larger coverage, such as backgrounds. Soft, flat bristles ensure that no bristle marks appear.• Suitable for water, oil and acrylic paints• Size: 195mm(l) x 38mm(w)• Each

  • Triangular Handle Synthetic Brushes 10pk

    Fine synthetic brushes for detailed artwork.They feature triangular grip handles for improved control whilst painting. Ideal for detailed work such as miniatures and model painting.• New Product 2022 • Pack Size: 10

  • Sable Substitute Brush Packs

    • Fine white synthetic fibre brush • Suitable for water colour, oil and acrylic paints• Round head and short handle • Pack of 10

  • Hog Hair Round Head Brushes

    Strong, yet flexible, they can be used with all types of paint. Handles are lacquered for durability.• 10 each of sizes 8, 12 and 18• Size: 5-12.5mm(w)• Pack of 30

  • Golden Nylon Round Brushes Classpack

    • Hardwearing synthetic brush• Short round brushes• 10 each of size 8, 12 and 18 (Classpack of 30)• Size: 5-12.5mm(w) x 185-210mm(l)• Classpacks of 30

  • Red Synthetic Sable Round and Flat Assorted Brushes

    These brushes are suitable for watercolour and acrylic paints.• Synthetic sable• Contains sizes 5/0, 0, 1, 3, 5 round, 2, 6, 10 flat, 4, 8 filbert• Pack of 10

  • Desktop Storage Caddies

    Perfect for storing stationery, paint brushes and more in the centre of the table. Can be neatly stacked when not in use. • Three compartments to help organise classroom essentials• Durable plastic with carrying handle• Size: 230mm(w) x 230mm(d) x 130mm(h)• Pack of 4 includes one…

  • Filbert Hog Hair Long Handle Brushes

    Ideal for oil painting.• Pack of 10

  • Imitation Sable Brush Packs

    • Inexpensive brushes designed for beginner artwork• Mainly used with water colour paints • Contains sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6• Size:170-185mm(l) x 3-4mm(w)

  • Golden Nylon Junior Brushes

    • Hardwearing synthetic brush • Short handle • Pack of 10

  • Watercolour Brush Set

    Specially selected set of brushes for use with water colour paint.• High quality sable substitute brushes• One each of size 1, 2,3, 6 and flat brush size 3• Size: 165-220mm(l) x 3-14mm(w)• Pack of 5

  • Self Fill Brushes Assorted Pack

    Fill with water and use with watercolour pencils or pens to add interesting effects to artwork. Can also be filled with ink or paint and are ideal for mixed media artwork. Use for creating washes with chalks on a variety of surfaces!• Pack of 3 different size brushes• Suitable for 3+ years

  • Colorations® Divided Paint Cups

    The innovative design of these paint pots means you can offer two colours at the same time. The holes in the no-spill inner lid guide paint brushes into the cup and help prevent drips. The airtight outer lid keeps paint from drying out while stored. • Size: 90mm(h) x 65.5mm(dia.)• Pack of…

  • Outdoor Art Brushes

    Decorator style brushes ideal for fieldwork, blocking/shading and for painting backgrounds.• Size: 25mm(w), 38mm(w) and 50mm(w) x 200mm-235mm(l) depending on width • Pack of 3

  • Messy Mark Making Brushes Head Set

    A versatile set of different brush heads which screw on to standard-sized bottles (not included). These brush heads are perfect to use indoors or outdoors for all kinds of messy and mark-making activities. Use them on paper with bright paints, or even fill with water and spray on fencing.• Suitable…

  • Foam Brushes Bumper Pack

    Bumper pack of small, medium and large foam brushes and rollers ideal for children beginning to work with paint.• 3 different profile tips• Size: 8 each of 25mm(w), 50mm(w) and 65mm(w) • Pack of 24

  • Beginners' Painting Set

    Suitable for a variety of paintwork.Pack contains:• 1 x 30 Hog Short Round Brushes (sizes 8, 12, 18)• 4 x 8-pot Paint Pot Tray• 5 x 6-well Economy Palette• 5 x Single Inking Tray• 2 x Pattern Foam Rollers pack of 6• 1 x Assorted Foam Rollers pack of 9

  • Painting Tool Pack

    An assorted set containing foam dabbers as well as round and flat synthetic brushes in various sizes. A versatile set that can be used to create many different paint effects.• Pack of 25

  • Wacky Painting Tools

    …dab, dot, brush, twirl, print and scrape your way to amazing artwork with these wacky painting tools. Each tool makes a different design, your students will love experimenting with the looped rope, foam printers, nylon netting, plastic "hair" and more! • Solid plastic• Size: 140mm(l)…

  • Washable Liquid Watercolour Paints 6pk

    A highly versatile paint that can be used for watercolour painting, as tinting pigments or as craft dyes.Suitable for use on most surfaces including paper, cardboard, canvas, fabric, wood and wool.Apply with a variety of applicators inc. brushes, spray bottles, droppers and sponges. Suitable for use…

  • Mark Making Kit 2

    …with paint, dough and sand. Pack contains:• 1 x Easi-Grip Brush Size 10• 1 x Easi-Grip Brush Size 14• 1 x Easi-Grip Brush Size 18• 1 x Easi-Grip Double Ended Brushes pack of 3• 1 x Easi-Grip Double Ended Dough and Paint Tools pack of 3• 1 x Easi-Grip Giant Brush• 1…

  • Magic Light Easel

    …in the dark and any paint or material placed on the glass surface becomes enlightened. Children can draw on the easel from both sides at the same time using their fingers, various brushes, non-permanent markers, making imprints with palms and in many other ways. The same painting will change like a…

  • Magic Light Table

    …their fingers, brushes, sticks, sand combs, dry-wipe markers, blowing through straws and using their hands and feet to make imprints. The organic surface is safe to use with dry materials such as rice, sand, oats and materials, or with wet material such as watercolour paints and dry-wipe markers.…

  • One-Stroke Washbrush

    Superior quality synthetic Wash Brushes. Soft, flat bristles ensure that no bristle marks appear making these ideal for painting, blending and smoothing.•Size: 63.5mm(w)• Sold singly

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