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  • Consortium Ready Mixed Paint Assorted Pack

    Thick, highly concentrated liquid paint suitable to use in a wide range of activities.• One each of lemon, yellow, orange, red, crimson, purple, blue, green, leaf green, black, burnt umber and white• 1 litre bottles• Pack of 12

  • Daler Rowney Non-Spill Top Acrylic Paints

    …cap.• Ideal with students for any art projects• Suitable for use on canvases and acrylic pads• Includes black, white, burnt sienna, crimson, lemon yellow, ultra blue, yellow ochre, cadmium red, cerulean, emerald green, vermilion and violet• 500ml bottles• Pack of 12

  • Consortium Ready Mixed Paint Pack

    …for a wash effect. Try adding a PVA medium for a gloss finish or add a fabric medium to make fabric paint.• Assorted colours: one each of black, white, red, orange, burnt sienna, lemon, yellow, leaf green, bright green, turquoise, brilliant blue and purple• 600ml bottles• Pack of 12

  • Paint Dabbers

    These foam dabbers are great for little hands, they are ideal for mark making.• Foam dabbers mounted in a plastic cup• Overall length 70mm, diameter 35mm• Domed head to produce a variety of effects• Pack of 12

  • Refillable Brushes

    Cut down on mess and waste using this brilliant combination of brush and paint bottle. Unscrew the brush head and fill with ready mix paint, then squeeze the bottle to start the flow. Wash the container when you wish to change colours.• Pack of 12

  • Reeves Oil Paint

    • Assorted colours• Pack of 12 x 12ml tubes

  • Reeves Gouache Paint

    • Ideal for beginners or experts• Assorted colours• 10ml tubes• Pack of 12

  • Reeves Acrylic Paint

    • Quick drying, water based• Assorted colours • 10ml tubes• Pack of 12

  • Playcolor Window Paint Stick Classpack

    paint and can be used for decorating glass, ceramics and mirrors. It is easy to apply with a high covering power and is easy to clean off with a damp cloth. The classpack comes with a set of stencils to help get you started.Pack contains:• 6 x pack of 12 Playcolor Window Paint Sticks • 12

  • Paint Palette - 10 Well

    White plastic circular palette.• Size: 170mm dia.• Pack of 12

  • Consortium Standard Colour Powder Paint

    Standard colour powder paint now supplied in smaller, easy to use pots.• 500g tub• Pack of 6 colours: Red, Blue, Green, White, Yellow and Black• Pack of 12 colours: Red, Blue, Yellow, Leaf Green, Cyan, Crimson, Black, Purple, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber and White

  • Brusho® Concentrated Colour Powder Paint

    …ink powder is renowned for its versatility. It can be used wet, dry on wood or as a wax resistant medium.• Colours included: brilliant red, lemon, dark brown, purple, ultramarine, black, scarlet, orange, turquoise, yellow, leaf green and emerald green• 15g containers• Pack of 12

  • Painting Disc Set

    Value for money set containing 12 x 30mm discs and paint brush.• Classpack of 16 sets

  • Playcolor Textile Paint Stick & T-Shirt Classpack

    …and iron for about 3-4 minutes until the paint sets. It can then be machine washed at up to 60°C. The classpack comes with some T-shirts and a set of stencils to help get you started.Pack contains:• 6 x pack of 12, 10g Playcolor Textile Pocket Paint Sticks• 6 white T-Shirts• 6…

  • Watercolour Tins

    A sturdy metal tin containing ready mixed watercolour blocks perfect for painting on the move. Each set has a lid with well designed for colour mixing. These paints produce a beautiful transparent effect.• In tins of 12, 18 or 24 assorted colours• Refill tablets available• Colours may…

  • Giotto Stilnovo Colouring Pencils

    …pencils in intense colours with matching lead colour coating and silver-painted edges. Offering a wide choice of single colour packs and assorted colour packs.• Classpack of 192: 16 of each colour: yellow, red, brown, green, sky blue, black, orange, pink, magenta, emerald green, blue and…

  • Chroma Acrylic Essentials 12 Pack 500ml

    …use.• One each of white, black, cool yellow, warm yellow, cool red, warm red, cool blue, warm blue, brown, purple, orange and green• Can be mixed with water to mimic watercolour effects• High pigment load• Non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly• 12 pack - 500ml bottles

  • Playcolor Mural Paint Stick & Mask Classpack

    …quicker than the standard sized paint sticks. They are ideal for large artwork projects that the whole class can get involved with.Pack contains:• 12 assorted basic colour 40g Mural Paint Sticks• 12 assorted metallic colour 40g Mural Paint Sticks• 12 masks• 2 posters•…

  • Golden Nylon Junior Brushes

    • Hardwearing synthetic brush • Short handle • Pack of 10

  • Hog Hair Round Head Brushes

    Strong, yet flexible, they can be used with all types of paint. Handles are lacquered for durability.• 10 each of sizes 8, 12 and 18• Size: 5-12.5mm(w)• Pack of 30

  • Mugs Painting Set

    A pack of white porcelain mugs in assorted designs great for decorating and as a take home gift. The pack includes glass and porcelain markers in 12 colours (dry one day and fixed 40 min. in ordinary oven at 160°C).• Includes 12 glass and porcelain markers in assorted colours• Height:…

  • Beginners' Painting Set

    Suitable for a variety of paintwork.Pack contains:• 1 x 30 Hog Short Round Brushes (sizes 8, 12, 18)• 4 x 8-pot Paint Pot Tray• 5 x 6-well Economy Palette• 5 x Single Inking Tray• 2 x Pattern Foam Rollers pack of 6• 1 x Assorted Foam Rollers pack of 9

  • Table Coaster Painting Set

    painting and porcelain markers (dry a day and fix borderless in ordinary oven at 160°C for 40 min). Decorated these make a great take home gift. • Includes glass and porcelain markers in 12 assorted colours• 3 different sizes: 185mm x 185mm, 150mm x 150mm and 190mm x 190mm • Pack of…

  • Mini Pots and Lids

    Translucent pots with white lids that snap on securely. Ideal for storing and mixing paint, and for sorting small items.• Approx. 30mm(h) x 60mm(dia.)• Pack of 12• Contents not included

  • Craft Boxes

    This pack of plain boxes in six different shapes is ideal for painting, découpage, paper mosaic, collage and more.• Shapes: rectangle, square, heart, circle, oval and hexagon• Size: 70mm(w) x 70mm(d) x 40mm(h) approx.• Pack of 12 - 2 of each shape

  • Synthetic Sable Flat Brush Packs

    The synthetic sable brushes are suitable for water colour, oil and acrylic paints. They combine a traditional spring with a fine flexible point and are used for a variety of painting techniques, including glass, silk and pottery painting.• Short handle • Pack of 10

  • Paper Fans

    With natural wooden frames these plain paper fans are ideal for decorating with crayons, fibre tip pens, paint and a variety of craft materials. The paper fans are perfect for imaginative play or just for decoration.• Size: Folded 250mm(h) x 25mm(w), open 400mm widest• Pack of 12

  • Mini Art Trays

    These trays are easy for children to manage and carry. Use as a painting tray or for collage projects, beading and more. • Assorted bright colours• Size: 240mm(l) x 205mm(w) x 16mm(h)• Pack of 12

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