Palette Knives

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  • Steel Palette Knives

    A set of stainless steel palette knives in 5 different shapes, suitable for painting and scraping. Spring steel provides flexibility and elastic durability.• Approximate length: 200mm-220mm• Pack of 5

  • Plastic Palette Knives

    A selection of white plastic palette knives available in 4 shapes. Suitable for spreading paint, paste and glue and also for light scraping. Durable yet flexible plastic.• Approximate length: 190mm• Pack of 4

  • 10" Palette Knife

    • Designed for professional use• Hard wearing• Size: 260mm (10")• Sold singly

  • Consortium Acrylic Paint

    …It can be diluted with water and adheres to all semi-absorbent, grease-free surfaces; canvas, paper, wood, etc. Painting tools (brushes, palette knives) can be cleaned in water before the paint dries,when the paint has dried it is permanent and waterproof. All colours can be mixed with each…

  • Pottery and Modelling Tools Classpack

    …tools (1 each of 10 different tools)• 4 assorted hole cutting modelling tools (1 each of 4 sizes)• 1 potter's cutting knife• 1 steel kidney palette• 1 rubber kidney palette• 5 large pottery tools, including a clay cutter• 1 modelling clay pointed tool• 1 sponge

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