Paper Leaves

  • Jumbo Autumn Leaves

    Fabulous displays created in minutes with these jumbo card leaves. Add dimension and depth by folding and bending them.

  • Spring/Summer Leaves

    A great resource for any nature or spring display.• Assorted shapes and colours• Size: 45mm to 170mm dia.• Pack of 250

  • Autumn Leaves

    Ideal for your autumn display or can be used for any collage.• Assorted pre-cut card leaves in assorted shades of red, yellow and brown• Size: 45mm to 170mm dia.• Pack of 250

  • Assorted Holly and Berries

    A bumper pack of zesty green holly leaves and ruby red berries cut in an exciting combination of plain and glitter papers to use on designer borders, decorations, cards, crowns, wreaths and much more.• Size: Leaves 90mm - 110mm; Berries 25mm - 40mm• Pack of 300

  • Corrugated Leaves

    A great pack of autumnal leaves for displays and nature studies.• Large die cut leaves in a range of autumnal colours• 15 leaves each of 8 common species - Oak, Sycamore, Horse and Sweet Chestnut, Holly, Hawthorn, Silver Birch and Beech • Includes reproducible template/identification…

  • Stained Glass Leaves

    Make your different seasons come to life with these fantastic stained glass leaves. Stick onto a window, door, use on a light panel or stand in front of battery tea lights to make their stained glass effect really glow.

  • Litmus Paper

    …your students to figure out whether your unknown chemical is an acid or base. Litmus blue is used for testing the acidity of a solution whereas red is used for testing the alkalinity of a solution.• Available in blue (pH 5-8) and red (pH 5-9)• 20 leaves in each book• Pack of 10 books

  • Universal Indicator Paper

    Universal Indicator allows your students to quickly identify the pH of a solution.• Indicates pH 1-11• 20 leaves in each book • Pack of 10 books

  • TORK® Reflex™ Wiping Paper 1 Ply

    …product in the Tork Reflex™ range, the extra long roll is ideal for wiping tasks and hand wiping. Particularly good for cleaning glass – does not leave any traces on the surface.• Used in conjunction with TORK Reflex™ single-sheet centrefeed dispenser• 1 ply, blue• Roll size: 194mm(w)…

  • Daler Rowney Ebony A4 Sketchbook

    Daler-Rowney Artists' Sketchbooks are specially developed for artists.• Hard backed book• A4, 210mm x 297mm• 150gsm, acid-free paper• 62 leaves unperforated• Sold singly

  • Image Transfer Medium

    …quickly and easily transfer printed or photocopied images and text from paper to fabric. Simply coat the paper with transfer medium, press the paper on to the fabric and leave it to dry. Once dry remove the paper, leaving the image on the fabric. Full instructions on each bottle.• 500ml•…

  • A4 Art Book

    • Offering good quality and value• Hard backed book • A4, 210mm x 297mm • 140gsm, acid-free cartridge paper • 46 leaves• Sold singly

  • Hardback Notebooks

    Stiff cover notebook without index, available in 2 sizes.• 8mm ruling• 96 leaves 80gsm white paper• Pack of 6

  • Metallic and Fluorescent Block Printing Ink

    …printing techniques, ensuring maximum working time whilst still maintaining excellent transfer properties. The ink works well on all grades of paper and leaves a smooth, even finish. Available in metallic and fluorescent finish.• Metallic: 2 each of silver, gold and copper• Fluorescent:…

  • Rapesco Emoji Foldback Clips

    These foldback clips help bring a little fun into your organisation.• Can be used with both paper and card• Do not leave any marks or crumples• 3 different emoijs in each pack• Pack of 200

  • Autumn and Halloween Craft Compendium

    …activities.Pack contains:• Sequins, black pom poms and craft stems for spider making, wiggly eyes, red, orange, white and black tissue paper, selection of construction paper, feathers in autumnal colours, autumn leaves bordette, autumn trimmers, foam leaves• Colours and contents may vary

  • Design Bordette® Assortment

    • Pack 1 contains: handprint, autumn leaves, crayons, stars, spring flowers and winter fun• Pack 2 contains: clouds, school days, dots, pastel gingham, busy bees and cupcakes• Pack 3 contains: 2 rolls each of handprint, autumn leaves, crayons, stars, spring flowers, winter fun,…

  • Giotto Be-Be Egg and Colouring Pens

    …and quick introduction to mark making and drawing. It is a felt-tip pen holder with wheels that fits the child's hand perfectly due to its ergonomic form. The Be-Be Egg leaves marks as the child moves the egg around the paper. Age: 18 months+.• 1 x Be-Be Egg• 8 x super fibre pensSN610758

  • Buddhism Activity Pack

    …of activities included in this pack.• 5 pre-printed and pre-cut 3D Buddha standing decoration, 10 wheels of life, 5 temple hangers, 5 floating flower decorations, Bodhi leaves, prayer flags notes and instructions • 3 glitter packs and 2 metallic paper ribbons• Teachers' notes included

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