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  • Multicultural Card People

    A superb resource for personal and social activities.• Size: 230mm(h) approx.• Clothes not included• 30 pre-cut bodies in assorted skin tones

  • People Fun Card

    Ideal for mask making, collage work etc• Colours: pink, ebony, light brown, cream, buff, mahogany, maize and bronze• 280 micron• Pack of 50 sheets

  • Feelings and Emotions Cards

    …of learning. The themes cover a diverse range of emotions such as fear, confusion, jealousy, excitement and sadness.These cards are great for:• Discussing how other people feel• Exploring body language and facial expressions• Promoting inclusion• Writing stories, poems and other…

  • Talking About Self-Esteem Activity Cards

    A set of activity cards allowing discussion on inner beliefs that can help and hinder self-esteem and self-confidence.These double-sided cards each show a pair of beliefs that young people may hold and their possible responses to them.Side one shows a healthy belief and the life-affirming positive…

  • Mindfulness Activity Cards in a Tin

    A set of activity cards to bring children and young people back to the present moment and give them relief from negative thinking.Ideal as an introduction to mindfulness, each card shows a pleasant image with a suggestion or strategy on the reverse which helps to draw the reader’s attention away…

  • Little Tin of Coronavirus Worries Activity Cards

    It is vital to talk openly to children and young people about all the fears, worries and anxieties concerning this worldwide disaster which has radically changed the world they knew.This invaluable resource pack of discussion cards will provide an excellent opportunity to address the changes they…

  • 3D Magnetic Blocks

    …10 cubes, 6 right angles triangles, 4 wheels• Set of 48 includes: 10 cubes, 6 triangles, 4 wheels, 8 sphere parts, 8 cylinder parts, 12 people and illustrated work cards• Set of 68 includes: 20 cubes, 12 triangles, 8 wheels, 8 sphere parts, 8 cylinder parts, 12 people and illustrated work cards

  • Catering First Aid Kit

    …2 x 180mm dressings, 6 x 120mm dressings, 20 x sterile adhesive plasters, 4 x triangular bandages, 1 x disposable gloves (pair), 2 x eye pad dressings, 6 x moist cleansing wipes, 6 x safety pins and a guidance card• Suitable for up to 10 people• Box size: 275mm(w) x 95mm(d) x 270mm(h)

  • Wheel of Choices Game

    Teach young people that life is all about choices and responses. Spin the wheel and answer questions about biology, sexual myths, pregnancy, and other categories. The wild card category features situations requiring value judgements. Includes game cards and teacher’s guide. Can be played…

  • Raspberry Pi® 3 Project Kit

    Featuring the Raspberry Pi 3, this project kit makes learning to code and connection to the world of technology accessible and fun to people of all ages. It includes a component kit to enable you to make 10 different projects, including flashing LEDs and buzzers, to explore the capabilities of the…

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