Phase 5

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 5 Kit

    Broaden children’s knowledge of graphemes and phonemes for use in reading and spelling with this fantastic Phase 5 Kit. All carefully designed around Phase 5 of Letters and Sounds to teach and secure knowledge of alternative pronunciations and spellings, pupils will be able to read and spell words…

  • Tricky Word Pebbles - Set 2

    …Common Exception Words from the Year One National Curriculum. Set 2 can be used alongside or independently of set 1. The pebbles are cleverly colour-coded into five groups so that they can also support Phases Two-Five of Letters and Sounds, and the accompanying leaflet includes engaging game ideas.

  • CVC Word Building Bingo

    Match Letters and Sounds to their positions within words with this interactive group game. Work out the 3 CVC words from the pictures on the board and sound out the phonemes either out loud or in your head before you start. Be the first to blend and match the correct letters to form CVC words and…

  • Phase Board Games - Letters and Sounds Series

    Ideal for those who need a bit of extra excitement or competition, each set contains games based on simple rules that present Phase word-level or phoneme-level learning objectives in a fun and exciting way. Also provide a great, non threatening way to assess pupils' knowledge.

  • Sentence Substitution - Letters and Sounds Series

    This fun and engaging activity provides children with practice in reading words in sentences. Pupils are invited to substitute words to change the meaning of the sentence. Each sentence and the matching substitute words are colour-coded for easy sorting. A 'silly' substitute word is also included to…

  • Letters and Sounds Chute Cards

    These ingenious cards reinforce words learnt at Phases 2-5 of Letters and Sounds. A picture and sound buttons are shown on one side with the word and sound buttons on the other. Over 50 cards for use at each Phase.

  • Flash Cards - Letters and Sounds Series

    All the words used at each Phase of Letters and Sounds are provided in these handy boxed sets. Cards are presented with the word on one side and the word with sound 'buttons' on the other, representing individual phonemes. The sound button side can be used for visually demonstrating segmentation or…

  • Mnemonic Flashcards

    A bright, colourful set of cards for use in teaching the letters and graphemes from phases 2, 3 and 5. Double-sided cards (grapheme on one side, mnemonic on the other).

  • Giant Magnetic Letters - Phase 5

    These giant foam magnetic letters are a must for whole class phonics instruction, demonstrating and teaching blending and segmenting of the letters learnt at Phase Five of Letters and Sounds. The letter patterns represented are also colour-coded to make learning easier.

  • Phonics Phase 3 Kit

    …292 x double sided flashcards featuring all the words used in Phase 3• Foam magnetic letters featuring all of the 25 phonemes to be learnt in Phase 3 • 5 x illustrated reading books featuring words decodable by the end of Phase 3 • Illustrated cards for the yes/no activity – using…

  • Number Smart Green Phase Kit

    …• Money Problems • Decodable Word Problems• Number Mountains to 100 • Number Mountains Times Tables 2, 5 and 10• Write and Wipe Boards to 100 (6pk)• Guess my Number Sentence (+/-) Flipbook• Green Phase Teaching Ideas Manual • Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication Smart Balls• Gratnells Tray

  • Phase 2 Phonics Class Pack

    …dice. Our products have been designed to encourage literacy skills and to prepare children for their phonics screening test with resources from phase 2 to 6 of Systematic Synthetic Phonics.Kit contains: •30 x Phonics Write and Wipe Boards•30 x Synthetic Letter Fans Sets 1-2 •30 x…

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 3 Kit

    …1• Word Smart Ball• Picture Sentence Matching Puzzles Set 2• Set of 5 Reading Books• Sentence Substitution Game• Yes/No Question Cards Game• Phoneme Smart Ball• Magnetic Foam Letters Phase 3• Letters and Sounds Chute Cards• Magnetic Foam High Frequency and Tricky…

  • Focus on Decoding Skills Kit

    …Phonics Screen Check or for general phonics assessment. Kit includes: Phases 2, 3, 4 and 5 Flashcards; Phases 2, 3 and 4 Buried Treasure games and colour-coded magnetic letters Packs 1 & 3. Astronauts and Aliens have now been included to practise Phase 5 graphemes.• Size: 430mm x 320mm x 220mm

  • Astronauts and Aliens Phonics Game

    Practice and revise Key Phase 5 synthetic phonics objectives. Help children get to grips with Phase 5 nonsense words in preparation for the Year 1 Phonics Screen check. Place the word "space discs" around an area for pupils to decode and sort into real words that can be placed on to the astronaut…

  • Phonics Intervention Kit

    …4/5 • Phase 2 Magnetic Foam Letters • Phase 3 Magnetic Foam Letters • Phase 5 Magnetic Foam Letters • Phoneme Frame Whiteboards - 2/3 • Phoneme Frame Whiteboards - 4/5 • Phase 2 Flashcards • Phase 3 Flashcards • Phase 4 Flashcards • Phase 5 Flashcards…

  • 44 Sounds & Spelling Dominoes

    …game provides perfect practice and reinforcement of the most popular graphemes. Useful at many stages of Letters and Sounds but particularly at Phase 5, these games will also provide support in the following years when children are using and applying their phonic knowledge or struggling with…

  • High Frequency Word Ping Pong Balls

    Ideal for children who are struggling with phonics, these ping pong balls make learning fun and active. Features all of the high frequency and tricky words across Phases 2-5 of Letters and Sounds. Each Phase is represented in a different colour.

  • CVVC Magnetic Word Strips

    …magnetic strips. The words are represented by photographic images, making them suitable for use by older SEN or EAL pupils. The magnets cover phases 3 and 5 in the Letters and Sounds teaching programme. These can be used with the Smart Phonics Magnetic Letters Sets 1, 2, 3 and Suffixes (360063,…

  • Decodable Dominoes

    …words they can now read at each phase of letters and sounds. Play by dealing picture side up, read the word and match to the corresponding picture. ‘Sound buttons’ help children to sound out the word.• Available in four single sets or a complete set of phases 2-5• Each illustrated set…

  • Matching Words & Pictures - Letters and Sounds Series

    …their vocabularies and practicing decoding skills as they match pictures to words with these interactive puzzles. Each set covers a different phase of the Letters and Sounds programme. The number of puzzle pieces to choose from can be reduced for beginners to make the matching process easier.

  • SPAG Bumper Assessment Kit

    …the Phase 6 kit for Letters and Sounds, which is already a favourite in many schools. Perfect for the S.P.A.G. test and excellent for assessing your pupils progression this kit is a must have in every primary school classroom.• The set includes 14 popular Smart Kids resources and 5 Scholastic…

  • Phonics Threading Beads

    …suggested words in phase 4 of Letters and Sounds. The set has 100 beads, 25 double-sided cards (120mm x 100mm) and 25 x 170mm strings.• Phase 3 Letters and Graphemes set contains words from the bank of suggested words for teaching the new letters and graphemes in phase 3 of letters and sounds.…

  • Alternative Spelling Puzzles - Letters and Sounds Series

    These boxed puzzles introduce the alternative spellings for each phoneme from Phase Five of Letters and Sounds. The self-correcting puzzles allow children to group these different graphemes in a jigsaw puzzle based on the common phoneme, with only the correct pieces able to fit together. Learning…

  • Fuego Top Loading 'Plug and Go' Kiln and Furniture Set

    …extend life if damaged by glaze. Its hardened clay element holders protect delicate brickwork and improve heat transmission. Kiln:• 230V 1 phase 13amp plug and go kiln• Internal dimensions; 330m dia. x 457mm(h)• External dimensions; 559mm(w) x 686mm(d) x 787mm(h)• 40l…

  • Spintelligence English Super Spinner Pack

    …Year 6, made up of all 15 English Spinner Kits. Each individual kit includes 24 activity cards, 24 blank template cards and 4 assorted colour spinners.Kit includes: • Phase Phonics Kits 2-5 • Year 1 Grammar and Punctuation Kit• Punctuation Kits Years 2-6• Grammar Kits Years 2-6

  • Portable Bubble Tube

    …an ideal size for moving from room to room. The bubbles create a wonderful relaxing effect which automatically phases through a variety of colours.• Use under supervision• Powered by a 12v 5 amp power supply with a mains lead• Tube size: 800mm(h) x 90mm(dia)• Base height: 150mm

  • Tricky Word Pebbles - Set 1

    …Common Exception Words from the Year One National Curriculum. The pebbles are cleverly colour-coded into five groups so that they can also support Phases Two-Five of Letters and Sounds, and the accompanying leaflet includes engaging game ideas. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 63 pebbles• Size: 45-55mm…

  • Tricky Word Pebbles

    …Common Exception Words from the Year One National Curriculum. Set 2 can be used alongside or independently of set 1. The pebbles are cleverly colour-coded into five groups so that they can also support Phases Two-Five of Letters and Sounds, and the accompanying leaflet includes engaging game ideas.

  • Early Years Physical Development Kit

    …Youlden, with 24 easy to implement activities. Designed to help boost the gross and fine motor skills of children in the reception and Lower KS1 phase, to get them physically ready for PE, Sport and Physical Activity.•"12 x 13.5cm Playground Balls•6 x 7cm Coated Foam Balls•6 x 7cm Air…

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