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  • Go Wheelie

    A great way of developing physical control and encouraging children to follow directions as well as develop coordination and muscle control. Suitable for use indoors and out. Age: 2 years+.• Size: 700mm(h), wheel 180mm(dia.)

  • Anatomical Torso

    Realistically coloured, dissectible anatomical torso with detailed body parts in the correct proportion and location. A fantastic tool for learning about the major organs and the physical relationship between them.• 11 pieces • Includes key to body parts• Height: 500mm

  • Early Years Physical Development Kit

    …activities. Designed to help boost the gross and fine motor skills of children in the reception and Lower KS1 phase, to get them physically ready for PE, Sport and Physical Activity.•12 x 13.5cm Playground Balls•6 x 7cm Coated Foam Balls•6 x 7cm Air flow Balls•5 x Koosh…

  • A Frames with Ladder Set

    Durable galvanised steel 'A' frames combined with the two ladders will provide endless possibilities for both physical and imaginative play. Use as part of an assault course or cover with fabric sheets to make bird hides and dens. Age: 3 years+.• Should always be used with relevant safety…

  • Multi-Seater Blocks and Rocks

    …printed fibre filled multi-seater blocks and bean bag rocks. These curriculum resources encourage team work and imaginative play, improving physical and social development. The visual teaching aids can spark discussions on nature, the seaside, raw materials or ancient times including the Stone…

  • Physical Activity Achievement Wristbands

    Create a sense of achievement and raise he profile of physical activity in your school with these reward wristbands. Featuring options for physical activity goals such as the daily mile, and general physical activity achievement on a weekly, termly and yearly basis.• Size: 60mm(dia.)• Pack…

  • Coastal Protection and Rivers Poster Set

    Set of 4 educational posters with information on the physical geography of rivers and coasts.• Size: A1 - 594mm(w) x 841mm(h)• Set of 4

  • Physical Training Posters

    The set of Physical Training posters provide a simple overview of Physical Training with the use of bright imagery and clear text. Titles include Principles of Training; Training Thresholds and Zones; Training Methods; Safety in Sport; Injuries; Performance; Enhancing Drugs; Exercise Sessions•…

  • Physical Geography Poster Set

    This set of posters is a great resource illustrating different aspects of physical geography, including the restless Earth, volcanoes, the rain forest in Brazil, energy and river valleys. • Size: A1 - 594mm(w) x 840mm(h)• Set of 5

  • Components of Physical Fitness Poster Set

    This comprehensive pack of 12 posters includes a chart for each of the components of physical fitness and will improve understanding of key information. Contains:• The Components of Physical Fitness• Agility• Balance• Body Composition• Cardio Vascular Endurance•…

  • Extreme Weather Poster Set

    Set of bright educational posters displaying different aspects of weather, including biomes, global warming, extreme weather and the hydrological cycle.• Size: A1 - 594mm(w) x 840mm(h)• Set of 4

  • Reversible Map of the World - Physical & Political

    This reversible world map shows political features one side (including international political boundaries and capital cities) and physical features on the reverse (including rivers, mountain ranges, land height and bathymetric data). • Scale: 1:33,450,000• Laminated and comes with hanging…

  • Globe from Recycled Materials

    …pieces of information, ideal for more advanced geographic study.• Raised relief - feel the main mountain ranges• Comprehensive legend• Durable plastic base and graduated meridian• Includes teachers' notes• Available in political and physical versions• Size: 300mm(dia.)

  • Reversible Map of the British Isles

    This reversible map shows both political and physical features of the British Isles. Political side shows counties, unitary authorities, cities and towns displayed in six population bands. Physical side shows relief, bathymetric data, rivers and canals.• Scale: 1:1,080,000• Laminated and…

  • Geography Skills Poster Set

    Set of 4 laminated posters displaying Map Skills, Human Features, Physical Features and Types of Geographical Information.• Size: A3 - 420mm(w) x 297mm(h)• Set of 4

  • First Play Alphabet Step Mat

    A unique combination of literacy and physical play. A superb addition to the classroom. Helps to develop co-ordination and literacy skills. Age: 3 years+.• Mat is made from wipeable PVC• Mat size: 2120mm(w) x 1520mm(d)• 12 bean bags included

  • Collins World Atlas

    This World Atlas contains detailed reference maps of the world, its countries and physical features.• Includes country facts; flags, area, population, capital cities, languages, religions and currency• Features a map of the world's time zones• Paperback

  • Mineral Study Kit

    Students learn to identify these common minerals by observing and testing their physical properties, an excellent study kit for an introduction to minerals.• Set of 15 specimens• Includes activity guide, magnifying glass, streak plate and nail

  • Set of 6 Exercise Mats

    These 6 animal stretches are an enjoyable way for children to participate in gentle exercises. Use them to encourage physical activity as part of a game or as part of a daily routine.• Size of each mat: 670mm(w) x 670mm(d)

  • Sensory Movement Breaks

    A manual of focused sensory activities to encourage individuals, small groups and whole classes to stay active. Increased physical activity can reduce undesirable behaviours such as fidgeting or being unable to concentrate and settle.• 70 pages• Size: A4

  • First Play Alphabet Step Mat

    A unique combination of literacy and physical play. A superb addition to the classroom. Helps to develop co-ordination and literacy skills. Age: 3 years+.• Mat is made from wipeable PVC• Size: 2120mm(w) x 1520mm(d)• 12 bean bags included

  • Moving Grooving Maths Activity Programme

    Maths activities which incorporate 30 minutes of physical activity a day. Simple activities which build maths skills whilst getting children active. Support the 30 minutes activity required for the Healthy Rated Scheme.

  • Get on your Feet - Outdoor Literacy Activities

    10 simple activities with supporting kit to help incorporate physical activity into your literacy lessons. Ensure children get their 30 minutes of activity everyday. Activities are simple but active with a curriculum focus.

  • With Child™ Pregnancy Simulator

    …being pregnant. Wearing the With Child™ Simulator develops empathy for the unique physical challenges of being pregnant, excellent for teens in pregnancy prevention programmes. Users understand the physical symptoms of being pregnant such as weight gain, lower back stress, increased blood…

  • 16 Piece Soft Play Activity Set

    A versatile assortment of soft play shapes. The compact size allows for easy storage Perfect for promoting Physical Development and supporting the following key areas of the curriculum: PSE Development, Mathematics and Expressive Arts and Design. Age: 3 years+.• Holdall size: 450mm(w) x…

  • Mathematical Balance

    Children easily perform all four mathematical functions (+ - x ÷) with immediate visual and physical verification of their results. The reverse of the number strip may be printed/written on if required. The balance can be completely dismantled for storage. • Includes 20 x 10g weights, which…

  • RABO® 2 Wheeled Scooter

    This scooter brings speed and balance combined with physical play for younger children. With broad and stable wheels, it is easy to manoeuvre even on loose gravel surfaces. Age: 3-7 years.• Size: 970mm(l) • Height at front: 700mm • 5 year guarantee on frame and forks

  • RABO® Chariot

    This tricycle is great for social and physical play as it can be used by two children at once. It has two side and front bars in the rear section of the trike combined with a large flat surface for standing. Age: 3-8 years.• Size: 540mm(w) x 1070mm(l)• Height at front: 650mm• Seat…

  • LEGO® DUPLO® Build Me “Emotions”

    Build Me "Emotions" invites preschoolers to explore emotions and physical characteristics in a fun and engaging way. As children collaborate on a range of character-building experiences, they recognise feelings and identify similarities and differences. Building cards provide support and inspiration…

  • Chime & Xylophone Tables

    …sturdy units are light enough to be moved around your outside area. Incorporating music into your outdoor playground will help children learn how to express themselves. Ideally suited to nurseries/schools keen to provide young children with physical and cognitive play opportunities. Age: 2 years+.

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