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  • Brick Me

    …building blocks make building for young children easier, increases their hand/eye co-ordination and fosters their imaginative skills by building all sorts of projects. Age: 2 years+.• Set includes: 30 large and 15 small interlocking, lightweight, plastic blocks• Size: rectangular block

  • Balancing Path

    Detachable path blocks in 6 colours which can be slotted together using the 4 connectors to form a variety of walking paths. Made of high density plastic with non slip surface. Age: 3 years+.• Pack of 28• Size: 50mm(w) x 290mm(l) x 100mm(h)

  • Role Play Foam Bricks & Blocks

    …these bricks and blocks. However, unlike real building bricks, they are made from strong, plastic covered foam, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Mix sand and water for ‘cement’ and add our range of building tools for a complete role play experience. Age: 3 years+.• Breeze Block size: 160mm(h)…

  • Attribute Blocks

    Teach sorting, patterns, size and early Maths with these durable plastic blocks. Each set includes five shapes, two sizes, two thicknesses (1mm and 4mm), and three colours.• Size of square in Deluxe set; 54mm• Size of square in Giant set; 84mm• 60-piece set

  • Building Blocks

    A set of lightweight, colourful, bio-plastic, giant building blocks ideal for imaginative and creative play. The giant blocks help develop co-ordination and enhance motor skills. Age: 2 years+• Made from bio plastic•Set of 26, 18 large and 8 small•Large size: 300mm(l) x 160mm(h) x…

  • Metallic Mini Construction Blocks

    These mini blocks combine a well-loved, open-ended resource with an engaging metallic finish. Light and easy to hold, the beautiful set will engage children as they play, design and construct. Use to stack and build, discuss properties or sort by shape. Encourage children to work together to build…

  • Metallic Boulder Blocks

    An appealing, engaging sensory construction set, finished with a smooth, shiny, mirror effect. Designed to challenge, the children have to determine how to balance the boulders. Age: birth+.• Made from plastic• Pack of 12• Sizes: 80mm, 120mm, 150mm

  • Single Pulley Block

    This plastic single block pulley is ideal for mechanical advantage experiments. • 45mm diameter• 135mm overall length• Sold singly

  • Sensory ICT glow Construction Blocks Cubes 12pk

    …bricks in two sizes that light up and change colour when they are turned.The blocks change colour when turned on a different sidePerfect for using ICT to learn sequencing. Each cube requires 2 x AA batteries (not included).• Packsize 12• Material - Plastic• Age - Suitable from birth

  • Pattern Block Activity Pack

    Activity set includes 36 design cards varying in complexity to entertain and encourage geometric exploration. Great for patterning and reasoning practice. Age: 3 years+.• Plus 124 plastic pattern blocks in six shapes and colours • Card size: 280mm x 218mm

  • Block Play Kit

    This block play set helps children to understand STEM concepts like structure, stability, gravity and more. This kit is ready to use, set out the materials and display one of the illustrated activity cards, then let children start discovering on their own—naturally solving problems as they play and…

  • Inking Tray

    Sturdy plastic inking tray.• Ideal for use with rollers or block printing• Approximate inner size: 225mm x 175mm• Sold singly

  • Paint Palette - 6 Well Deep

    Stackable plastic palettes.• Suitable for 6 colour blocks - size 2• Size: 220mm x 160mm• Pack of 10

  • Paint Palette - 8 Well

    Plastic stackable palette ideal for powder colours, colour blocks, etc.• Suitable for 8 colour blocks• Size: 320mm x 190mm• Sold singly

  • Super Monarch Open Top Bins

    …the bin to remove the waste.• A vertical sided, open top bin complete with concrete ballast block and an integral plinth• Plastic liner• Value option uses a simple sack retention band instead of the metal liner• Value option does not include the decorative plinth or ballast block

  • Magnetic Field Pattern Window

    …so they attract each other and cluster into the lines that show the magnetic field patterns.• Includes a pair of small ferrite block magnets and a pair of plastic cased bar magnets • Includes teachers' leaflet• Transparent for use with a OHP• Size: 220mm(w) x 120mm(d) x 10mm(h)

  • Indoor / Outdoor Mini Garden

    • Encourages children to get involved with nature• Comes with a large removable plastic plant trough with drip tray, propagator with lid and soil blocks• Plenty of storage space for gardening tools• Lockable castors allow it to be moved indoors and out• Made from birch…

  • Royal Castle

    … set with 13 walls, 2 archways, 2 heraldic shields, 6 tower blocks 20 connecting blocks, 10 red tops, 4 castilations, 2 green towers, 12 soldiers, 2 jousting tents, 6 flags, 2 horses, 2 trees, 2 stands, 6 hedges, 1 roof and 2 plastic spears. Age: 3 years+.Contains:• 96 pieces• Size:…

  • Wooden Shape Sorter

    Chunky, tactile Shape Sorter blocks explore simple shapes and colors while encouraging cognitive development and kinesthetic learning. Appealing and easy-to-hold, screened rubberwood shapes have oversized knobs with soft-touch plastic grips to increase fine motor skills and coordination. The durable…

  • 6 Bin Organiser

    …a construction table top designed to fit leading brands of building blocks and six bright storage bins as shown.• Rack size: 700mm(w) x 350mm(d) x 630mm(h)• Tray size: 200mm(w) x 300mm(d) x 130mm(h)• Sold as a complete unit, plastic containers are not available to purchase separately.

  • Grippies Links

    …construction blocks and two sizes of magnetic characters to encourage both building and dramatic play. Encourage pattern recognition and simple to complex construction concepts alongside dramatic play with the secured magnetic building pieces. With soft, over-moulded plastic textures and tactile…

  • Deluxe Magnetism Kit

    …packed in a robust storage case. Contains:• Alnico bars• Alnico button magnets• Round and square alcomax bars• Ferrite blocks and rings• Chrome steel horseshoe magnet• Alnico horseshoe magnet• Iron filings bubble• Pair of plastic-cased bar magnets•…

  • KS2 25 Player Percussion Set

    …• 1 x Piccolo Cabasa • 1 x Agogo and Beater • 1 x solo Tambourine • 1 x 8 note Chime Bar Set • 3 x pairs extra Chime Bar Beaters • 1 x Tulip Block and Beater • 1 x Jingle Stick • 1 x 10cm Tambour • 1 x 25 note Glockenspiel • 1 x plastic storage chest

  • Early Learning 30cm Rulers

    .• White extruded plastic rule• Designed specifically for young children• Coloured and divided into 1cm and 10cm blocks, for simplicity• Pack of 10

  • Grouping Circles

    These flexible folding plastic circles can be used in a wide range of activities with attribute blocks. • Consists of 6 circles, 2 each of red, yellow and blue• Size: 500mm(dia.)

  • Chromacryl Student Acrylic Paint

    …ink for block and screen printing including textiles. Drying to a silky lustre, Chromacryl gives a long lasting waterproof surface with dry colours as brilliant as it was when wet. It can be painted onto different surfaces including paper, board, canvas, textiles, wood, metal, plastics, glass,…

  • Connecting Base Ten Classroom Set

    …relationship between units, tens, hundreds and thousands. The components in this set interlock, making it easy for students to connect the base ten components.Set includes: • 3 blocks• 20 flats• 200 rods• 600 cubes • 1 25-sheet base ten pad• Activity guide• Durable plastic container for easy storage

  • Little Hands 16 Player Set

    …1 pair of frog maracas• 2 hand held sleigh bells• 1 x tambourine• 1 x glockenspiel• 1 x fish tone block• 2 x small tambourine• 1 x triangle with beaters• 1 x jingle stick• 1 pair of finger castanets• Plastic carry chest• Set of 18 pieces

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