Plastic Pippettes

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  • Pipettes

    Translucent polythene pipettes with precise graduation and good chemical resistance.• Capacity: 3ml • Length: 155mm• Pack of 500

  • Plastic Pipette Eye Droppers

    Mix waters and colours, explore properties of liquids and develop fine motor skills. Use during messy play to encourage creativity. This set features four pipettes with fun wiggly designs. Age: 10 months+.• Pack of 4• Size: 170mm(h)

  • Giant Plastic Pipette Eyedroppers

    Experiment with mixing and moving with this colourful set of pipettes, presented in a handy stand. Enhance fine motor skills whilst igniting passion in young artists. Squeeze, splosh and spray liquids into containers, potion bottles and onto canvases. Age: 3 years+.• Pack of 6

  • Clear Glass Dropper Bottles

    Glass pipette dropping bottle with glass dropper.• Plastic stopper with vinyl teat• 50ml capacity• Pack of 10

  • Macro Science Kit - Earth Science

    …what is soil?Contains:• Clouds, Weather, Rainfall and The Earth posters• Clamp stand and clamps• Plastic pots• Plastic beakers• Petri dishes• Plastic funnels• Measuring cylinders• Filter papers• Nails• Spatulas• Magnifying glasses•…

  • Life Cycles Science Kit

    …Guide to dispersal of fruits and seeds• Frog lifecycle poster• Petri dishes• Magnifying glasses• Measuring cylinder• Plastic cups• Lollipop sticks• Bug collection pots• Pipettes• Model insects• Seeds and beans• Trowel• Teachers' guide

  • Light Cube Accessories Kit

    …sheets to discover interesting patterns! Discover amazing possibilities with these sensory play resources! Age: 3 years+.Contains: • 5 Clear plastic trays• Counting and stringing rings• 12 Optical illusion sheets• 2 Paint pipettes• 2 Squiggle pipettes• 8 Clear vials• 3 Paint scrapers• 8 Animal…

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