Play Leader Kit

  • Mini Leader Kit

    …Sports Partnership, over 80 resource cards together with equipment provide a platform for you to create mini play leaders in your school. Give your children the chance to be the leaders and watch their skills, confidence and well-being flourish.•24 x Activity Cards•20 x Bean Bags•12…

  • Playground Leaders Kit

    …fun and participation for all.•10 x Play Leader Tabards•10 x Play Leader Caps•12 x Colourful Whistles•4 x Hoop Storage Baskets•15 x Play Leader Badges•6 x Play Leader Waistbags•6 x Play Leader Armbands•6 x Play Leader Wristband•350 x Play Leader Stickers"

  • Playground Pals Kit KS1 and KS2

    …with 8 different activities. All the products have been carefully selected to develop skills which are the foundation of the mainstream sports played in schools. Contents may vary.• Develop throwing, catching, kicking, jumping and moving skills.• Ideal for play leaders games at lunch times

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