• Rustic Pourers

    …materials and will enhance sand, water and muddy play. Easy to hold, they can be used to scoop and pour liquids and solids. Ideal for exploring and comparing volumes, the shaped lip makes pouring intuitive and easy for young learners. Age: 18 months+.•Set of 3•Bowls measure 105mm to 145mm

  • Non-Stick Milk Pan

    Milk pan with pouring lip.• Diameter: 140mm

  • Plastic Graduated Beaker Set

    Transparent plastic beakers with broad, easy pouring spouts.• Over-sized to avoid spilling• One each of 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml• Set of 7

  • Paint Saver Trays

    The handy pouring spout on these paint saver trays enables you or your child to easily pour left over paint from painting activities back in to the original bottle, which helps to avoid excessive mess and wastage.• Available in packs of coloured trays (one each of red, yellow, blue and green)…

  • Bucket Balance

    …buckets can be removed from the balance and are easy for little hands to hold as they pour and measure the contents. The sturdy plastic buckets can be used with solids and liquids and feature a handy pouring spout to limit spillages. Ages 3 years+.• Material: durable plastic • Features:…

  • Judge Vista Deep Stainless Steel Draining Saucepans

    The Judge Vista Draining saucepan range makes draining and pouring safer and easier. Made from high quality stainless steel with a number of features to enable safer and faster draining. • Encapsulated base for even heating, suitable for all hobs• Dishwasher safe• 25 year…

  • Puddleflex All-in-One

    …all-in-one is ultra waterproof fit for thunderstorms with a warm polar fleece lining ideal for those first little adventures, walks in a buggy in the pouring rain or being allowed to roam on a muddy track. Please note 6-12 mths versions have fold over hands and feet, 12-18 mths and 18-24 mths have…

  • Water Bowl Cascade

    An innovative way of engaging young children in tipping, pouring and filling water activities. Fill the bowls and tip from one to another. Balance the bowl, slowly tip and transfer the water along and cascade down into the tray below. Place guttering in the lower brackets, and create a water race.…

  • Plastic Measurement Beakers

    Polypropylene measuring jugs with graduations and autoclavable up to 130°C. • Easy pour tapered spout• Available in a variety of pack sizes and capacities

  • Water Channelling Unit

    …pathways and channels with this free standing, metal channelling rack. Place channels to create pathways, add tubing or pour water through the funnels provided. Children can pour and collect water as it travels, or build their own water race. Age: 3 years+.• Self-Assembly• Suitable to be left…

  • ECO Water Based Gouache Paints

    …with excellent coverage• Inter-mixable and water-soluble• 80% natural ingredients for a more environmentally friendly paint• Concentrated, easy mix formula ensuring less waste• Recyclable pouring bottle with measuring cap• Individual colours or a mixing pack of all 5 colours

  • Cereal Storage Containers

    These store and pour dry food plastic containers are great for storing rice, lentils, flour, cereal, pasta and much more. • Available in 2 different capacities• Clear base with a white lid• Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe• Sold singly

  • French Praise Stickers

    These modern language stickers have some great French captions and are suitable for all your students as they have a sense of fun. Une petite recompense parfaite pour vos etudiants. • Size: 28mm(dia.)• 125 stickers

  • Water Discovery Tubes

    …the bars and pour water into them. Watch the water spout in all different directions. Children will have great fun filling the tubes and trying to collect the water as it gushes out. Can you collect more as a team? How many buckets can you fill? Use a variety of containers to fill, pour and collect…

  • Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

    A complete set of kitchen appliances. A fillable coffee maker which allows water to pour into the coffee pot, kettle with level gauge indicator, toaster with pop up toast and a range of crockery, cutlery and play food. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 20 pieces

  • Cascading Messy Station

    Children will love experimenting with this portable water play unit. Pour liquid into the top bowl and see it cascade into the lower section. A lovely way to add something different to sand and water play. Accessories not included.• Suitable for age 3 years+• Made from metal• H76 x W37 x L43cm

  • Coloured Pasta

    Bright and vibrant pasta shapes, ideal for threading and fine motor skills development activities. The pasta is non-toxic and is made in the UK. Pour into a sensory tray and bury textured items in the pasta for a sensory experience or use the pasta pieces for collaging.• 500g bag

  • Large Play Waterfall

    Perfect for imaginative small world play, pour water down the rocky waterfall into the pool below creating your very own water themed adventures. Age: 3 years+• Made from a stone and resin mix• Suitable for outdoor use• Suitable for use with water, sand and mud• 280mm wide

  • Waterplay Kit

    …play kit, they don't even know they're learning about the properties of water! Children can create water canals with see-through plastic tubing, or pour water into the waterwheels and watch what happens. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• Cups, funnels, beakers, spoons, eye-droppers, water wheels…

  • Salter Aqua-Weigh™ Mechanical Kitchen Scale

    …for solids.• Rotating twin dial for solid/fluid measurement• Aqua-Weigh™ function• Add and weigh function• Large bowl with pour scoop, rubber hand grip and non-slip rubber ring on base• Bowl inverts over scale for neat storage• Maximum measurements: 4kg/9lb/4L/144…

  • Dino Dig - Sand & Water Table

    …play table is the perfect size for multiple youngsters to transport back to prehistoric times. Tots can use the large cup to quickly scoop and pour water into the top of the volcano and watch as the water gushes down the sides. This two-sided kid's play table features a large sand pit for deep…

  • Rain Showers Splash -Pond Water

    Little ones can use the large bucket to scoop up water from the pond and pour it into the top tray to make a showering splash below! While the rain shower drizzles back into the pond, they can watch as it activates the maze-like spinners and ramps to create a cascade waterfall. This large kid’s play…

  • Vileda® UltraSpeed System

    …specially designed to give superior scrubbing effect and durability on all safety and rough floors.• Strong, light polypropylene bucket with an easy to pour spout and an ergonomic carry handle• Highly efficient gearless levered wringer with handle holder for easy storage when not in use• Starter kit…

  • Sparkle Sand Shakers

    …shine to festive activities such as card making, decorations and seasonal gifts. Supplied in easy to use flip shakers so that the sand can be either poured or shaken.• Recyclable plastic dispensers• Naturally biodegradable • Pack of 6 assorted colours – red, green, gold, blue, purple…

  • Paraffin Wax

    Paraffin wax pellets are easy to pour, measure and use.• Suitable for batik work or for candle making• 2kg bag

  • Primary Science™ Colour Mixer

    Carry out some colour mixing experiments that children can enjoy. Add a different colour of liquid to each chamber, when children pour, the two colours mix. The flask features a swirly straw as the exit point. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 110mm(l) x 125mm(w)• Sold singly

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