Power Bleach

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  • Cleenol Power Bleach

    Great quality thin bleach for use on walls, floors, drains and stain removal.• Can be used at different dilutions for cleaning walls, floors, drains, sterilising and stain removal• 2 x 5 litres

  • Cleenol Thick Bleach

    Brilliantly priced thickened bleach giving total protection against germs. For use in drains, basins and toilets.• Disinfectant and odour eliminating properties• Specially formulated to give greater clinging power• 4.7% sodium hypochlorite• The 750ml bottle has an angled-neck for…

  • Dettol® Surface Cleanser

    A powerful surface cleanser for use in kitchens, dining areas and washrooms.• Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including Salmonella, MRSA and the Flu virus (H1N1) in 30 seconds• Non bleach, no taint, and no odour• Safe to use where food is prepared, no need to rinse

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