Prism Set

  • LED Light Box & Optical Set

    This comprehensive light and optics set is great for experiments to show refraction and reflection through various shaped prisms and lenses, the splitting of light into the rainbow colours, how internal reflection is used in fibre optic cables and the appropriate lenses to use to correct long and…

  • Prisms Shapes Set

    Set of fully polished prism blocks, ideal for a range of light and optics experiments.Contains:• Rectangle: 50mm(w) x 75mm(l) • Semi-circular: 75mm(dia.)• Equilateral triangle: 60° x 60° x 60° with 58mm sides• Right angled triangle: 90° x 45° x 45° with…

  • Deca Prism Set

    A set of 25mm-thick plastic optical prisms, including a selection of triangular, rectangular, semicircular, convex and concave shapes. • Pack of 10• Size: 754mm(h)• Supplied in foam lined box

  • Sound Prisms

    The set contains 6 pairs of beautiful hardwood triangular prisms, identifiable by colour coded musical notes. The musical note logo only appears on one end of the block so they can be turned upside-down to test children's discriminatory skills. Age: 18 months+.• Size: 50mm(h) x 60mm(w)• Set of…

  • Magnetic Polydron Mathematics Set

    …platonic solids. You can also make a wide variety of different prisms, anti-prisms and pyramids. Once the basic shapes have been mastered, children can make spheres, cylinders and cones as well as cross sections of them.• Set of 118 includes: 20 equilateral triangles, 12 right angle triangles,…

  • Large Geometric Shapes

    Set of large, brightly coloured, three dimensional geometric shapes. Age: 5 years+.• Set includes sphere, square cylinder, round cylinder, cone, cube, rectangular prism, hexagonal prism, triangular prism, square pyramid, semisphere, octagonal and pentagonal prism• Each piece approx. 80mm x…

  • Small Geometric Shapes

    Comprehensive range of plastic three dimensional geometric shapes.• Each cube, prism, cylinder and cone is supplied in 4 different sizes• Sizes: 30mm, 25mm, 20mm and 15mm• Pack of 16

  • Folding Geometric Shapes

    …and 3-dimensional solids. Each shape is in both fold-out net form (shows two dimensions) and clear plastic casing (shows three dimensions). • Includes: cylinder, square pyramid, cube, rectangular prism, cone, hexagonal prism, triangular pyramid and triangular prism• Set of 8• Size: 75mm(h)

  • 2D3D Geometric Solids

    …net made from soft plastic. Activity guide included.• Set of 12 shapes: cube, cylinder, cone, triangular prism, square pyramid, triangular pyramid, rectangular pyramid, pentagonal pyramid, hexagonal pyramid, rectangular prism, pentagonal prism, and hexagonal prism• Solids have an 80mm base

  • Metallic Mini Construction Blocks

    These mini blocks combine a well-loved, open-ended resource with an engaging metallic finish. Light and easy to hold, the beautiful set will engage children as they play, design and construct. Use to stack and build, discuss properties or sort by shape. Encourage children to work together to build…

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