• BIG340 Shelving

    Industrial racking to suit any working environment. The BIG340 industrial shelving bays provide the ultimate industrial racking system. The powder paint finish on the industrial racking bays gives them a modern appearance, while the capability of holding 340kgs UDL per level makes the BIG340…

  • BIG800 Archive Shelving

    The BIG800 heavy duty racking bays make the perfect warehouse racking system. The BIG800 heavy duty racking can support an incredible 600kgs UDL per level with the exception of item 026964 which is 500kgs UDL per level.

  • Horizontal Wall Book Rack

    Hangs on wall, great space saving solution.• Small size has 3 shelves, large size has 6 shelves • Small size: 1220mm(w) x 70mm(d) x 560mm(h)• Large size: 1220mm(w) x 100m(d) x 560mm(h)

  • A4 Filing Rack

    A4 metal filing rack which provides orderly surface storage and quick access.• 7 section rack• Ideal for holding folders, manuals, directories, etc• Supplied with non-slip feet in a Dove Grey finish• Size: 385mm(w) x 230mm(d) x 165mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Cooling Racks

    These cooling racks allow air through to cool cakes naturally.

  • Discus Rack

    This discus rack is a sturdy tubular steel rack, ideal for storing a selection of discuses. The discus stand is powder coated and constructed from 46mm diameter floor tube with 30mm uprights and racking.

  • Javelin Rack

    This javelin rack is a sturdy tubular steel rack, ideal for storing a selection of javelins. The javelin stand is powder coated and constructed from 46mm diameter floor tube with 30mm uprights and racking.

  • Shot Rack

    This shot rack is a sturdy tubular steel rack, ideal for storing a selection of shots. The shot stand is powder coated and constructed from 46mm diameter floor tube with 30mm uprights and racking.

  • Drying Rack

    …noise wheels. Delivered fully assembled. Suitable to A2 size paper.• 10 removable plastic coated metal drying racks• Can hold up to 20 racks (10 sold separately: item code 046183) • Racks are adjustable for drying larger models• Wipe clean surfaces• Fits papers up to A2 sizes• Size: 710mm(w) x…

  • Hockey Stick Storage Rack

    A great storage idea for hockey sticks.

  • Standard Drying Rack

    Drying rack made from birch plywood. Designed to hold A4 paper.• 25 drying racks• Size: 360mm(w) x 380mm(d) x 830mm(h)

  • Animal Shaped Drying Racks

    Drying rack made from birch plywood. Suitable to A4 size paper.

  • Wall Dispaly Rack

    Stylish wall display rack with a one piece body with 5 crystal or multi-coloured partitions for systematic filing.

  • Wooden Rack and Scissors

    …and right handed scissors with convenience of storage and easy check visibility.• Hardwood rack to take 32 pairs of scissors• 130mm long/60mm blade• 50mm rule marking on the blade• Rack includes 28 pairs of right-handed scissors (red handles) and 4 pairs of left-handed scissors…

  • Test Tube Rack

    Z-style test tube rack made from anodised aluminium sheet to hold up to 19 test tubes.• 5 x 28mm holes• 6 x 20mm holes• 8 x 13mm holes• Size: 200mm(w) x 75mm(h)• Stackable• Pack of 10

  • Table Top Drying Rack

    This simply designed double-sided drying rack allows work to be easily loaded and unloaded. If extra drying space is required, shelves can be easily removed to create further space. Suitable to A3 size paper.

  • Spring Loaded Drying Rack

    These drip-free paint dryers are made from top quality steel and feature spring loaded racks and separator bars. The individual racks are manufactured from a fine wire to provide a flatter drip-free dry. Suitable to A2 size paper.

  • Lever Arch Filing Rack

    Dove Grey rigid metal filing racks to house lever arch files.• Complete with fixed dividing plates to keep the files upright and non-slip feet• Available as a 5, 7 or 9 section rack• Sold singly

  • Mobile Drying Rack

    These drying racks are ideal for sharing between classrooms. Suitable to A3 size paper.• 30 shelves• Size: 560mm(w) x 550mm(d) x 1040mm(h)

  • Wall Mounted Drying Rack

    These drying racks have been specially designed for mounting onto solid walls and come with racks that fold up to save space. Suitable to A3 size paper.• 10 shelf - 505mm(w) x 411mm(d) x 361mm(h)• 20 shelf - 505mm(w) x 411mm(d) x 616mm(h)

  • Jordan Gym Ball Rack

    A great, space-saving way to store your gym balls.• Capacity: up to 3 balls (not included)• Colour: silver• Size: 765mm(w) x 765mm(d) x 1530mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Durable Translucent Magazine Rack

    A classically designed magazine file in contemporary translucent colours.• Perfect for storing A4 documents• Available in 3 colours• Size: 241mm(w) x 73mm(d) x 306mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Table Top Drying Rack

    Sturdy, lightweight wooden storage unit that keeps wet art projects off the tables. Creating free working space it ensures classrooms are kept tidy and creative resources easily accessible.• 14 removable wire shelves• Storage shelf with holes for paint pots (not included)• Made from…

  • Wall Mountable Wellie Rack

    An ideal space saver solution for wellie storage. Holds up to 15 pairs of wellie boots. Best suited to child size wellies. Can be wall mounted indoors or out. Fixings not included.• Supplied fully assembled• Suitable to be left outdoors• Made from metal• H80 x W110cm

  • Outdoor Wooden Wellie Rack

    Durable, pre-treated outdoor wooden trolley for up to 30 pairs of wellies. Easy to manoeuvre on lockable castors and for children to access from both sides. Weatherproof cover also available to help provide protection if the trolley is left outdoors.• 1 year warranty• Suitable to be left…

  • Vertical Wall Mounted Book Rack

    This vertical wall mounted book rack has 14 rows of shelves for a selection of approx 24 books.

  • Single Floor Standing Book Rack

    Single sided floor standing book rack suitable for infants. 11 rows of shelving for storing and displaying a large selection of books. Tough frame can be folded flat for storage.• Size: 795mm(w) x 415mm(d) x 1010mm(h)

  • Wall Mounted Book Racks

    Ideal when space is limited, these book racks are a great addition to reading corners, quiet areas, etc. Create more capacity by using more than one rack, placing them side by side or one above another. Wall fixings not included.

  • Wall Mounted Individual Bike Rack

    • Fully welded construction• Constructed from mild steel• Powder coated exterior grade black• 90°

  • Jordan Coloured Neoprene Covered Kettlebell and Rack Set

    These kettlebells have been designed to ensure perfect use; the handles are exactly the right length and distance from the bell to ensure it sits on the forearm and not the wrist, ensuring pain-free training and optimal technique.

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