Reaction Balls

  • BIG DEAL Kit for Purpose Reaction Set

    …value set. This great value kit includes a variety of balls designed for improving reaction times with their unpredictable bounces, forcing children to react quickly as well as improving agility.Contains:• 4 x 70mm reaction balls• 4 x 100mm reaction balls• 4 x 200mm pyramid balls

  • Odd Ball

    This pyramid shaped ball aids basic movement skills in children when kicking or catching. • Size: 200mm(dia)• Sold singly

  • Chain Reaction Kit

    Set up a course of ramps, pendulums, hammers and more…then drop a ball onto the tracks and go for the goal box! After each test run, children can fine-tune the placement, distance and angle of each piece—getting first hand practice with STEM concepts such as gravity, force and momentum! Age: 3…

  • Little Ball Set

    …little ball set contains a wide variety of playballs for lots of different throwing and catching activities.Contains:• 4 x 80mm porcupine balls• 4 x 100mm porcupine balls• 2 x 70mm reaction balls• 2 x 100mm reaction balls• 4 x engraving balls• 12 x foam balls• 2 x…

  • Six Colour Cannon Catch Set

    Brilliantly coloured, this set of cannon stomps makes for a fantastic reaction game that can be used for a number of different activities. Use for catching, dodging, or simply just to see how far you can send the ball flying!• Made from rubber• Pack of 6• Size: 300mm(l) x 250mm(w) x 120mm(h)

  • Playground Pack Supreme

    …Skips• 3 x Swinging Loops• 10 x Playbats• 3 x Koosh Balls• 1 x Hydrocatch• 1 x Ball Launcher and ball• 2 x Springy Ball Games • 8 x Foam Frisbees• 10 x Coloured Tennis Balls• 10 x Skipping Ropes, • 2 x Pairs of Stilts• 6 x Vinyl Mini Balls • 2 x Catchtail Balls • 4 x Reaction Ball • 6 x Bump Balls

  • Playground Mega Kit

    …Talk Ball• 1 x Kit Bag • 1 x Pair of Hydrocatch• 1 x Ball Launcher and ball• 1 x Pair of Stilts• 1 x Catchtail Ball• 2 x Springy Ball Games with 2 soft balls• 3 x Swinging Loop• 3 x Soft Koosh Balls• 4 x Foam Frisbees• 4 x Reaction Balls• 4 x Pom Poms• 6 x Catch a Cup cones with soft airflow ball• 6…

  • First-Play 263 Piece Games Activity Kit

    …10 x reaction balls• 30 x 70mm foam balls• 2 x 1.75m parachutes• 20 x bean bags• 8 x 24" hoops• 6 x pom pom balls• 2 x non-sting footballs• 1 x parachute activities book• 12 x animal bean bags• 4 x quoits• 12 x gameflow balls• 2 x non-sting…

  • First-Play Playtime Activity Tub

    …skips• 4 x Eurohoc sticks• 4 x 100mm soft touch balls• 2 x pom pom balls• 1 x inflator• 2 x paddle hoops• 25 x space markers• 10 x tennis balls• 2 x 70mm reaction balls• 10 x 70mm foam balls• 2 x table tennis bats• 2 x mini rackets• 2 x…

  • Harrod Tennis Trainer

    …play and reactions as the player looks to continually return the ball on or above the net line.• Sturdy back support frame with adjustable settings to vary the angle of the returned ball• 1.8mm thick nylon net and elastic cord, allows you to control the speed of the ball return•…

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