Reading Comprehension

  • Bumper Reading Comprehension Kit

    …it is they are reading. Key strategies embedded in great comprehension include: predicting; reasoning; questioning and finding information. All of which are enhanced with this collection of resources. We have worked with three leading publishers to develop: A range of Comprehension Workbooks to…

  • Reading Comprehension Cards

    Develop and deepen reading comprehension, inference and analytical skills across all genres for reading and writing. A text to read with a supporting image is on one side and questions about the text on the other. Great for assessment practice and consolidating comprehension skills. Covers both…

  • 6 Reading Comprehension Board Games - Level 2

    Help children to become fluent readers with this excellent set of 6 board games. They teach a range of reading comprehension strategies and encourage students to reflect on their own understanding and learning. Topics include context, inference, narrative text, non-fiction text, predicting outcomes…

  • BIG DEAL: Comprehension Box Complete Set

    This complete set Comprehension Boxes provides supplementary materials to support the reading programme of teachers catering for the need of every reader in the classroom. The cards feature both fiction and non-fiction texts, including history, geography, science, health and values.Each box…

  • Reading Comprehension Chute Cards

    Set of 6 Reading Comprehension Chute Cards. Covering Main Idea, Context Clues, Fact or Opinion, Predicting Outcomes, Cause and Effect and Inference. Each set provides over 50 examples of the focus comprehension strategy.

  • Reading Comprehension Cubes

    Liven up your reading discussion with these foam cubes. Comprehension questions on each side of cube for the students to answer before reading (red cubes), during reading (blue cubes), and after reading (green cubes). For example: What do the pictures on the cover tell you about the story?, Find and…

  • 6 Reading Comprehension Board Games

    …provides explicit instruction in comprehension strategies and provides activities that support understanding. Suitable for pupils aged 7-9 years.Help children to become fluent readers with this excellent set of 6 board games. They teach a range of reading comprehension strategies and encourage…

  • 6 Reading Comprehension Board Games

    Teach early comprehension skills with this great value set of 6 board games. Topics include cause and effect, context, fact or opinion, main idea, sequencing and vocabulary. Includes: • 6 games made from durable cardboard • Counters• Die• Board size: 297mm(h) x 420mm(w)

  • HiLo Reading Comprehension Cards Weird and Wonderful Nature

    Engage beginning, struggling or reluctant readers with these high interest, low readability comprehension cards written to be as amusing and informative as possible. Short passages with multiple choice questions add to the appeal. Include fiction and non-fiction passages, poems and narratives to…

  • Bloom's Taxonomy Thinking Fans For Reading

    These fans examine six distinct levels of thinking skills; analysis, application, comprehension, evaluation, knowledge and synthesis. Devised to develop higher level thinking skills and stimulate debate and in depth discussion of any texts.• Pack of 36

  • The Phonics Handbook

    …sounds and main alternative spellings of vowels and tricky words.Contains:• Guided writing sheets• Reading comprehension sheets• Detailed guide to teaching the five key skills• Over 100 photocopiable sheets, as well as activities and games for reading and spelling• 218 pages

  • The Literacy Box

    …variety of genres to engage and interest pupils• Each reading text is followed by one page of comprehension activities, one page of word study activities and one page of grammar and punctuation activities• A comprehensive Teachers guide (over 200 pages) with a pupil and a teacher recording…

  • Jolly Phonics Classroom Kit

    Contains a comprehensive set of classroom resources for teaching children to read and write, from learning the letter sounds to alternative spelling and tricky words and decodable reading books.• Contained in a bright case for neat and easy storage

  • PM Benchmark Kits

    reading levels using unseen, meaningful texts. By providing accurately levelled fiction and non-fiction texts ranging progressively from emergent levels to reading age 12, teachers are able to rigorously assess students' fluency and retelling strategies while determining their comprehension within…

  • Rapid Recall Visual Memory

    …and extend visual working memory. This skill helps children remember what they read and see by adequately processing information through their short-term memory and into the long-term memory. Children with poor visual memory may struggle with comprehension.• Paperback• Portrait• 80 pages• Size: A4

  • BIG DEAL: Literacy Box Complete Set

    …spelling; punctuation; comprehension; fiction and non-fictionEach box contains: • A comprehensive teachers guide (over 200 pages) with a pupil and a teacher recording sheet to photocopy, an information page for each card, general background information and a comprehensive glossary• 75…

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