• Motivational Stamps

    Motivational stamps can make education more rewarding. Ideal for recognising and rewarding children's good work and achievements.• Pre-inked and re-inkable• Selection of motivational messages• Sold singly or in packs of 12

  • Self Standing Metal Plaque Awards

    The star plaques are a superb way to reward winners.• Size: 120mm• Available in: gold, silver and bronze

  • Mini Mixed Praise Stickers

    Bumper selection of smaller motivational stickers, great for use with reward charts, with different captions.• All captioned• Size: 10mm(dia.)• 847 stickers

  • Praise Notepads

    A6 note pads to send a quick but personal, positive message home.• Available in 2 designs• Size: A6 - 105mm(w) x 148mm(h)• Pad of 50 sheets

  • Credit Card Praise Cards

    These little cards offer an exciting and economic alternative to reward stickers to recognise effort, hard work and attendance, with a space for the pupils name and the date.• Pack of 40

  • Physical Activity Achievement Wristbands

    Create a sense of achievement and raise he profile of physical activity in your school with these reward wristbands. Featuring options for physical activity goals such as the daily mile, and general physical activity achievement on a weekly, termly and yearly basis.• Size: 60mm(dia.)• Pack…

  • Star Medals

    Great value medals in the shape of a star, ideal for rewarding children in lots of activities.• Available in gold, silver and bronze• Size: 60mm (dia)• Sold singly

  • Sparkly Stickers Mixed Pack

    These stickers are a great motivator with a variety of coloured sparkly designs and rewarding captions.• Pack of 567• Size: 28mm(dia.)

  • Star Trophy

    This mini star trophy is a superb way to reward winners for a variety of achievements.• Height: 80mm• Gold colour• Sold singly

  • Sparkly Throne Chair Cover

    Turn your classroom chair into a luxury throne with this beautiful chair cover. The birthday boy or girl could have a throne for the day, or reward your Star Pupil. Use in assemblies or for storytelling to create a theatrical atmosphere.• Suitable for 5 to 11 years• Made from fabric• H75 x W35 x…

  • Mini Mixed Praise Stickers

    Variety of smaller stickers, ideal for use on reward charts.• Mix of captions and no captions• Size: 10mm(dia.)• 847 stickers

  • Mini Sparkly Star Stickers

    These sparkly stars are very versatile, ideal for paper based marking, reward charts, reading records and much more. • Size: 10mm(dia.)• 280 stickers

  • Collector Bookmarks and Stickers Pack

    These bookmark-shaped reward charts are a great way for children to track their achievements.• Set of 40 double sided bookmarks in 2 designs• Includes 1650 motivational stickers• Enough stickers to fill all charts with some to spare• Replacement Stickers available, 10mm(dia.),…

  • Sex Education & Consequences Board Game

    An innovative way to learn about the possible consequences of sex, encouraging players to think about their actions. Players are rewarded for knowing facts about STIs, pregnancy and sexual activity while also being faced with possible situations and decisions concerning sex. Contains:• Game…

  • Rapid Multiplication Recall

    …The increasingly challenging exercises includes the option of a motivational time target. Paperback.• 88 pages• Size: A4Contains:• 1 x A3 game board• 52 x thinking cards• 40 x timetable cards• 32 x school cards• 16 x reward cards• 5 x daily timetable cards

  • Avery Round Reward Stickers

    Self adhesive round labels perfect for creating your own motivational or reward stickers.• 40mm diameter stickers• Suitable for inkjet and laser printers• 24 labels per sheet, 8 sheets

  • Reward Sticker Bus

    Bright and colourful motivational stickers that are stored inside a bus-shaped box.• Size: 31mm(w) x 24mm(h) • 800 stickers

  • A3 Classroom Reward Chart with Gold Star Stickers

    This classroom chart has space for up to 33 pupils.• Chart size: A2• Includes: 726 x 10mm(dia.) stickers• Additional stickers available separately

  • Multiplication Wristband Classpacks

    …approach. Perfect as much needed rewards and incentives, the bands can be used in a variety of ways: Give a relevant wristband and once learnt reward with the next times table to learn. Once a times table has been learn give the relevant wristband as a reward. Send home as an alternative to printed…

  • Chart Badges

    Reward students with this chart badge, ideal for team activities and sports days. • Badge size: 55mm(dia.)• Can fit up to 19 x 10mm stickers

  • Star Trophies

    These mini star trophies are a superb way to reward winners for a variety of sport and activities.• Size: 80mm(h)• Gold colour• Available in 7 designs• Sold singly

  • I've Been Brave Stickers

    I've Been Brave Stickers• Pack of 4 sheets, sheets contain 15 stickers each• Reward children for being brave during medical or first aid treatment

  • Gold, Silver, Bronze Certificates

    These gold, silver and bronze certificates and stickers are an ideal way to reward many achievements.• Size: A5 - 210mm(w) x 148mm(h)• Pack of 16 certificates and 16 stickers of the chosen colour

  • Themed Stickers

    Selection of themed stickers to reward specific achievements or behaviours.• Available in 4 themes• Literacy Stickers: 245 x 19mm(dia.)• Maths Stickers: 175 x 28mm(dia.)• Healthy Eating Stickers: 125 x 28mm(dia.)• Behaviour Stickers: 125 x 28mm(dia.)

  • Sports Day Stickers

    Ideal for rewarding all sorts of competitions.• Available in 4 designs: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Great Competitor• Size: 28mm(dia.)• 75 stickers

  • WW2 Artefact Collection

    …World War 2. A great talking point for historical enquiry and exploring local history. What was it like living through the Blitz? What was the reward for bravery? Answer all this and more with this collection.Contains:• 1 x Set of British War Time Coins• 1 x Gas Attack Warning Rattle•…

  • Multicultural Lanterns

    A fun and innovative way of introducing children to a selection of festivals from different religions and cultures around the world. A rewarding activity combining colouring, cutting and weaving with a range of decorative media to embellish these spectacular lantern characters.• Ideal for…

  • Primary Science™ Lab Set

    …natural curiosity while helping to lay a firm foundation for early science learning. Develops the use of common science vocabulary through rewarding activities that engage all the senses. Concepts covered include principals and properties, materials, the senses and living things. Age: 4 years+.Set…

  • Auditory Sensory Tub

    This Auditory Tub contains many carefully selected items offering different auditory sounds and musical rewards, which will encourage participation, movement, hand/eye co-ordination and communication skills. Comes with a 'Suggested Ideas of Use' manual. • 1 x sturdy wheeled tub • 1 x sound…

  • Mark Making Sequin Long Boards

    …movements and develop their shoulder pivot action. The boards can be attached to the wall vertically or horizontally. Some children will find this a rewarding, curious activity. Others will find it soothing and calming. A lovely addition to your environment. Age: 3 years+•Must be wall mounted,…

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