Roman Collection

  • Roman Artefact Collection

    …out more about everyday life in Roman Britain. Perfect for classroom historical enquiry. Who would have used the artefacts? Why was they made?Contains:• 1 x Roman Helmet• 1 x Roman Sandals (pair)• 1 x Set of Roman Coins• 1 x Set of Roman Jewellery• 1 x Roman Desktop Timeline

  • Artefacts Through History Collection

    …selected, hands-on collection of artefacts covering every period in the KS2 Curriculum and more! Perfect for renewing or starting a fresh artefact collection.Includes: • Resin Flintstone Hand Axe• 5 Roman Knucklebones• Roman Strigil• Classical Roman Lamp• Greek Spinning…

  • Historical Currency Collection

    Explore different forms of currency and its origins. Children will be fascinated when they discover that currency has not always been coins, notes and cards that they are familiar with today•Contents: 10 x Roman coins, 4 x Greek coins, 1 x manilla, bag of cowrie shells, bag of cocoa beans

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