Rugged Robot

  • Rugged Robot

    Our first programmable robot designed for outdoor use! Boasting Bluetooth functionality and designed for robust challenges, Rugged Robot can be controlled via tablet or the TTS TacTile Reader.

  • TTS Rugged Robot

    The first programmable robot from the TTS range, specifically designed for outdoor use!• Built in sensors can detect when obstacles and other robots are near • Free programming app available to download from both the AppleStore and Android PlayStore• The Rugged Robot app comes pre-downloaded…

  • Teaching Tablet

    …Tablet will arrive preloaded with the following TTS Apps ready to be used in your classroom out of the box;• Blue-Bot®, Blue-Bot® Remote, Rugged Robot, Ino-Bot, Bluetooth Datalogger, Xploview and Gameball.Key Features:• 8” Tablet • HD ready IPS display • Android 9.0 (Pie) •…

  • Rugged Robot & Tactile Reader

    Save money when you buy your Rugged Robot and Tactile Reader together.

  • Rugged Robot Textbook Starter Pack

    Save money when you buy a Rugged Robot, the Rugged Robot textbook and the Rugged Robot Treasure Island Mat together.• Includes: 1 Rugged Robot, 1 Rugged Robot Textbook and 1 Rugged Robot Treasure Island Mat

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